The Amplitude of Desire


How Much Do You Really Want What You Want?

In the beginning, or at least way back in 1978, I wrote in the original MoneyLove, that in order to be as wealthy as you desired, you needed these three things:

1. A clear vision of what you want.

2. The belief that you will get it.

3. Practical skills to put that belief into action.

And in 2015, in MoneyLove 3.0, I emphasized that you needed to know what you want and learn how to ask for it.  An important part of this I might now add:

You need to know how much you want it.

Often, this might go without saying. You may already have a very clear idea of how much you want, for example, to find a new career or more freedom or more income. But, it is also sometimes true that we may desire something in the abstract without really realizing how important it is to get it.

For a moment, think about something you really want. Now ask yourself, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I really want this?” In other words, what is the intensity or amplitude of your desire. This may also involve asking yourself what you are willing to do to obtain or achieve this desire. If your life is very full and satisfying, what part of that are you willing to trade or give up for that desire? Obviously, if your life sucks, this is a much easier question to answer.

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