Do The Damn Exercises!


A Self-Help Book Is Just That

I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject as I recently created a bunch of new action exercises  for my new book, MoneyLove 3.0. You’ve probably noticed this blogsite is in flux, meaning it is being remodeled. The reason is that the new MoneyLove Team is establishing a new look, and a new effort, and a new purpose for the MoneyLove brand.

Our intention is to create lots of new services and products as we establish ourselves as a dramatically expanded presence around the world. The launching in January of MoneyLove 3.0, the long-awaited sequel to the original 1978 MoneyLove (which we are referring to as MoneyLove 1.0 to avoid confusion) sets off a whole train of events, and this blog will reflect that new energy and commitment.

You can watch this space for an ongoing series of new developments. To reflect the uniqueness of much that we have planned , we have a new symbol and logo, which will be unveiled shortly. But the flagship of this new outreach will be the new book, and I am not engaging in hyperbole in stating that it may be the most unique book ever published, for many reasons.

First of all, the book starts with an Instruction Manual. This is not just a gimmick for grabbing the reader’s attention. In researching what motivates people to make a change for the better, I have found that the people who have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams are those who used MoneyLove, or my audios, or strategies I offered in my workshop, to start doing stuff. I like what my friend, Marianne Cantwell, author of How To Be A Free Range Human, says in that book:

“Do the damn exercises!”

MoneyLove 3.0 will have more action exercises for readers to start doing immediately than any prosperity or self-help book ever written. After all, this is how I earned my original reputation. It was by accident, a story I tell in the new book, that I discovered that I was really talented at something I hadn’t a clue I could even do, let along be very good at. That talent is creating fun exercises that people could use to become more aware, get firmly onto their path and purpose in life, and have as tools to carry with them out into the world.

But it doesn’t matter how effective any action exercises I put into the book are–nothing will happen without the reader doing the damn exercises. The Instruction Manual tells how to best do that, so that the book is actually a powerful learning device going way beyond the words it contains.

I actually expect MoneyLove 3.0 to beat the two million copy mark hit by the first MoneyLove. But in terms of whether it’s a success or not, that will depend on how many people, in addition to reading it, will do the damn exercises!



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