Moneylove and Timelove


The Most Profound Evolutionary Advance In Human Consciousness

I realize the above is a pretty wide-ranging statement, but I truly believe that we have seen a sea change in our awareness that time is much more precious a commodity than money. Which would you rather be running out of?

Two things inspired this post. One was today’s webinar on Creating The Wealthy Bohemian Lifestyle by my friend, and most devoted Moneylove fan, voiceover master Kevin Delaney.  One of his main principles was “The greatest wealth is time.” And Kevin added, “Your most precious natural resource is time.” And another of his principles, “Trading your time and labor for money is a loser’s game.”

Of course, I have been talking about the importance of “owning” and mastering time rather than merely “managing” it for many years. But I think the subject needs a lot more thought and a lot more knowledge–a lot more research. Time is a man-made concept  and constraint. But we have not modified our perceptions about time in millennia.

And this brings me to the second inspiration for this post, a paragraph I read this morning in a mystery novel called, The Man With No Time, by Timothy Hallinan. Written in 1993, if was a book I shipped to my friend Rupa Cousins in 1998, when I was being transferred from one prison to another. And just discovering a box of books in her basement a few weeks ago, she shipped it to me and I finally got around to reading it. One character says the following:

Time is everything, and we don’t know doodly about it. We haven’t got words for it, even; we recycle the words we use about space. ‘The near future’ and ‘the distant past.’ ‘A long time.’ Time isn’t like space in any way. but we use the same words. Space goes on in all directions. If time moves at all, it moves in only one direction.”

I think this single paragraph can provide food for lots of provocative thought about the significance and nature of time. I have long contemplated writing a book on the subject, but there is so much more to learn. A popular old saying was, “Time is money.”  Well, hopefully we have learned, all of us, that time is a lot more than money.



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  • Grady McAllister

    I have quoted this “Moneylove and Timelove” column on my web page on time and time management. This page contains quotations on the subject, most very old, going as far back as Chaucer and Shakespeare. I had been looking for some more contemporary quotes to include.

    My interest in this subject first led me to Jerry’s material on the internet. I had been listening to the 1987 audio version of Moneylove and reviewing his remarks about time and money. One of the lessons I took away from the material was that sometimes you are better off taking time to evaluate your possibilities than you would be running around frantically seeking the next dollar.

    The quotation is at this link:

    This is an unusually big web page. The quotes about time and time management are scattered along the left and right columns. I placed Jerry’s quote between two ads in the upper right column.

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