The Circle of Prosperity


What Goes Around Keeps Going Around

I know I have been fortunate in the circular synergistic path my life has seemed to take. I started out of high school wanting to study radio and TV writing, and ended up taking an entire broadcasting curriculum.

At 19, I became an announcer, disc jockey, and newsman at a small radio station in Dover, Delaware. After a steady upward surge, ten years later I was in Philadelphia, my hometown, then New York, the nation’s top broadcasting market.

I was fascinated by the new human potential movement and did documentaries on it, and whenever NBC Radio had a psychologist or psychiatrist or self-help author as a guest, I was usually the one chosen to do the interview.

One of these guests suggested we do a workshop on male-female communication together and I was off and running in a whole new career. This led me to leaving broadcasting and writing books, but doing a lot of radio and TV to promote those books and my workshops.

And now I’m back at it, with one of my major activities for the coming year (to promote the new MoneyLove 3.0) being appearances on Internet talk shows. It seems like it has come full circle. You may think your life doesn’t have this circular attribute, but if you look hard enough, you may find that your various paths and careers and life decisions are connected–so that what you learned along the way still serves you well.

This is what I describe as the Circle of Prosperity, it is the Circle of Your Life, and you’d do well to honor and utilize it, whatever your current path happens to be, and no matter how unrelated it may seem to how you started out and what your first dreams and aspirations were. A good question to ask yourself:

What did I first aspire to be when I “grew up,” and did I achieve it–and how does it connect to who I am and what I do now?






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