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11 New Questions For 2011


Asking The Right Questions

I’ve been surprised at how many very successful people have asked me whether or not I am going to do a list of questions like the 110 questions I did for 2010. I have been doing lists like this for many years, and one big difference in that edition was that I had every one of my coaching clients send me their answers to the questions. As you can imagine, this gave me an amazing head start in figuring out what someone most needed to dramatically increase their level of success in the world. And if you would like a PDF copy of that list, which I’ve revised so that it is timely and current, just send me an email address I can send it to.

You see, I haven’t done a brand new list for this new year–there’s no need to, and it would be hard to come up with, say, 111 questions that are more appropriate, insightful, or effective than the 110 that are already ready and waiting for you.

I obviously was profoundly affected by a workshop I took with a psychiatrist named Dr. Edward Askren in the 1970s titled, “Asking The Right Question.” He felt that this was the secret of success–not getting all the answers, but asking the questions. I have found this to be true. I have had many hundreds of people come up to me through the years to tell me how my questions have changed their lives. But this is only true because they have been willing and able to ask themselves these questions and give themselves the answers. I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer seeking me out when I was living in Florida and telling me that a list of 100 questions I suggested couples ask each other in my early relationship book, My Needs, Your Needs, Our Needs,  was the best tool he had ever found to use with his marriage counseling students at St. John’s University.

But Here’s A New List Anyway

So if someone was to come up to me and accuse me of something I really would never want to be accused of, what would it be?  I think it would be “resting on my laurels.” This term is usually used to describe someone who has stopped trying or creating new stuff because he or she is satisfied with their past accomplishments and successes.

Well, I like to celebrate what has worked for me in the past, but am always willing and sometimes even striving to come up with new surprises. And so, waking up a bit fuzzy-headed this New Year’s morning, before even having juice, a vitamin, or brushing my teeth, and completely off the top of my head, I decided to create the following list of provocative questions, eleven of them, for you to add-on to the 110 Questions.

1. If you knew for an absolute, guaranteed fact, that you would be financially independent as of January 1, 2012, and forever after that, how would you change your plans for 2011?

2. If it was you doing business the way you do business, with yourself, what would be the most important positive trait that would keep you coming back for more?

3. What do you think is the most important question someone just meeting you in 2011 would like to ask you?

4. What is the most significant question you would like to have the answer to in 2011?

5. What is the most surprising, revolutionary thing you would really enjoy doing in 2011 that would really boggle the minds of the people who think they know you?

6. Who is the one person you would like most to surprise in 2011? How and why?

7. What is one thing that happened in your life or in the world in 2010 that you would most like to completely forget?

8. In addition to surviving it, what are three things you really deserve applause and commendation for doing in the past year?

9. If you were to write a comedy monologue about 2010, what is the one subject or event you definitely would want to include?

10. If you were keeping count, how could you assure that 2011 would produce a lot more of your smiles than 2010 did?

11. If a competent observer looked at the way you operated in 2010 and said, “That’s something you could be doing a lot faster in 2011,” what would that something be?

More Fun, More Love, More Dancing

Those are my three top answers to, “What would you like more of in 2011?” So have fun with these questions, love doing them and love yourself for the unique answers only you can come up with, and dance as you think about them.

Happy New Year, Happy New You, Happy New Everything!



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