5 Ideas That Set Me and MoneyLove 3.0 Apart


A Contrarian Approach to Prosperity Consciousness

One of the main ways I’ve been promoting my 2015 sequel, MoneyLove 3.0, is by doing many online talk shows and podcast interviews. Some of these interviewers have spoken to just about every major prosperity teacher and author on the planet, sometimes hundreds of them. I can feel their energy change when they ask about or I mention, an idea I’ve expressed in the book that none of their other guests has ever discussed.

As you can imagine, some of them have thought they heard it all before, and they are ready for more of the same with a certain sense of bored anticipation, and so they are understandably excited when a new concept opens their eyes and perks them up.

Here are five of my ideas, each the basis of one of the 12 chapters in MoneyLove 3.0 and each one of which has excited someone interviewing me:

1. The idea that having Robust Expectations can change your results in life, even if you don’t achieve all the things you are expecting.

2. The idea that you can manipulate time to your own design, change the way it operates in your life, and even slow it down or speed it up at your will.

3. The idea that by embracing The Law of Subtraction, you can create spaciousness in your mind and your life to allow for new and wonderful ideas and useful information to come in. And that you can deal with information overload by creating your own internal immigration policy.

4. The idea of Carpe Serendipity, that those happy accidents that often lead to huge successes in our lives can become intentional happenings we create when we make room for them.

5. The idea that there is a lot more power and potential in the quotes we love, and by doing Quotercises, or simple, playful exercises using them, we can dramatically magnify their impact on our lives.

I came up with these and many more to complement some of the basic concepts I started developing over thirty years ago. Brain science has taught us a lot about how the human mind works in magical and exceptional ways. Just by looking over these five ideas and picking the one that most reaches or speaks out to you, may illuminate an area of your life that would be well worth exploring and produce profound results. Try it and let me know your results in the comments below!







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