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Get Away From Facebook’s Herd Mentality

Most people exhibit an amazing lack of originality and imagination in the ways they use Facebook. They talk about what they had for lunch, or how cute their kids, cats, dogs are. Or they quote someone else’s pithy remark, or share a video clip, or invite friends to join them in a time-wasting game. They may even make fun of groups who demonstrate complete lack of individual thought–such as sheep, lemmings, or sports fans, not realizing they are bowing to peer pressure themselves.

sheepI myself do not claim any sign of genius in the different way in which I choose to use this new tool almost all of us possess. The main purpose I am putting my Facebook timeline to work on is as a respository and first reading on any new ideas, thoughts, or sentences I invent.  When I put out a sentence (or sometimes several, as I do tend to sometimes be longwinded online) in a Facebook post, I check and see if any of my more perceptive friends have commented on it, or even Liked it. I therefore get some immediate feedback as to the viability of using this thought in some other format, perhaps on an audio or in an article, or even in a future book.  Just a few recent examples of my many FB musings:

If you have to ask yourself whether you’re successful and have it all together–you’re not and you don’t!

I would rather be moving toward becoming as rich as I now feel than toward becoming rich to create a new feeling.

The best things in life are indeed free, but it is almost impossible to enjoy them if you are worrying about money.

If you see the work you do as mostly the way to get the money to live your life the way you want to, you are missing the optimum success target and missing out on the joy of doing work you love.

I got by far the largest number of positive responses to the last sentence above. This surprised me, as I thought it was a bit unwieldy on first glance. But it obviously strikes a responding chord in many people, so I may well use it within other material I produce. Of course, it really is a synopsis of my concept of WorkLove, which was a chapter in my book, Moneylove, and basically states that loving what you do to produce money is success at its best.

I also use my Facebook timeline as a place to store ideas that pop into my head. Even though the other three sentences didn’t win the most votes from readers, I will keep them and revisit them from time to time, seeing whether they trigger any new concepts or perspectives.  I therefore am using Facebook as a useful tool rather than an addictive distraction in my life.  Anyone want to join me?




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