A Piece of Now, A Piece of New


Prosperity Thinking Has To Be Brand New

Or does it? In one sense, the time honored principles set out in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill hold up 70-some years after its publication. As I would like to think the ideas do that I first suggested in Moneylove, 30-some years ago. But as I re-emerge into the world of prosperity thinking and create brand new material, or old material seen in a new way, I realize that with the information bombardment we are all now exposed to, in order to get our attention and sink into our consciousness, something has to have some unique, new quality to it. In other words:  A piece of now, a piece of new.

I’ve been pondering this since reading an essay, Next!,  by Seth Godin.

Godin suggests that in our overloaded schedules today, we are guilty of “assembly line thinking,” and I think that’s often true. Turning out one project after another, feeling the pressure to keep producing, to keep creating. But in this post, he says it’s important to view any current project as “not just another in a long line of tasks, it’s the one, the one that matters. Perhaps the alternative is instead of thinking, ‘next!’, we can think, ‘last!’

This might be the last time I get to do this.”

I commend this idea to you. It’s been a basic mantra of mine for many years, since reading an old self-help book that was a favorite of my father’s. It’s Your Future by Martin Panzer. One idea in that book stirred me to the very core. I was just a kid, maybe eleven or twelve when I read it. What Panzer said was that the best and most creative way to live your life was to imagine that you would die tomorrow. And if you did, you could honestly say you had lived your life up to that moment as creatively and productively and usefully, with as much satisfaction and fulfillment as possible. And, if you didn’t die tomorrow, you would be able to say that you had also lived your life as fully as possible, but were a bit further along on your continuing path to success, as you would be on the next day and the one after that. In other words, as Seth Godin puts it, an attitude of  “Next!” but combined with one of “Last!”

Important Stuff To Think About

This is about who you are at the very core. Is what you do in the world uniquely yours, uniquely new, uniquely now–and not just another task on your personal assembly line?

This is what I try to do with my monthly audio for The Moneylove Club. I know a lot of my colleagues out there turn out audios, one after the other, getting caught up in that assembly line, cookie cutter mentality. But since it’s my main focus at this point in my creative life, I come to it as if each audio were the last one I would ever do. I make a powerful effort to keep it from ever being “more of the same.” Right now, I am working on one that will do something no one has ever done before, a sort of preview version of a book concept I’ve had called The 100. More about that once I have the concept completely figured out and recorded.

I like to look back on any just completed project and be able to say, “Well, that was certainly like nothing I’ve ever done before!”



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