A Prosperous Treasure Hunt


The Immense Power of Quotes Often Ignored

Like so many things right in front of us, we often take quotes for granted, which is why I invented Quotercises and have a whole chapter in MoneyLove 3.0 called QuoteLove. Sure, we all have favorite quotes, and we may enjoy reading them, posting them on our walls, even sharing them on social media. But with so many great quotes available to us, especially now with all the free ones on the Internet, we are overlooking some possibilities, some ways of getting more positive results, more juice, more inspiration, motivation, and success out of them.

My 100 Quotercises in the book include two types, one being taking a favorite quote or new one that appeals to us and doing something with it to explore a deeper purpose and meaning–the other is to find a quote among the millions that are probably out there to fit in a certain category in our lives. For instance, can you find a new quote that describes your basic philosophy of life?

But for now, I want to suggest a fun Quotercise that can have profound results and reinforce some positive ideas or concepts. It’s simply to take a quote that reaches out to you and then go on a treasure hunt for another quote that uses different words, but basically demonstrates the same truth, the same awareness.

I decided, for myself, to pick a quote from one of my favorite prosperity teachers I interviewed extensively in my book, Unity minister, Edwene Gaines. During our interviews, she said:

You have to have a spirit of adventure, you have to have an openness to new possibilities for your life and you have to have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do a new thing. And I do believe that at some point you have to learn to give up firmly held beliefs that no longer serve you.

Can you see why I consider these words from Edwene like an entire seminar on leading a prosperous and fulfilling life?  I didn’t realize when I first chose this for my Treasure Hunt Quotercise, that it would be so easy to find another quote expressing almost exactly the same ideas. And it happens to be one of my very favorite quotes, which I also use in MoneyLove 3.0, and also consider a powerful message on how to live life well and triumphantly. It’s from the 19th Century English scientist, Thomas Huxley:

Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever nature leads, or you will learn nothing.

Can you see how studying these two great quotes can lead you on a path to making positive changes in your life?  I realize I cheated a bit when I found a similar quote that I had already known and shared so often in seminars (though I’m not sure you can cheat when you make up your own rules). Your personal treasure hunt may take a bit longer, but that’s part of the value and fun of it. And I want you to know I am on a quest right now to find a third quote that also expresses some of what Edwene Gaines and Thomas Huxley so brilliantly articulate.

Have fun with your own Quote Treasure Hunt.



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