A Surplus Mentality


Always Ask For More Than Enough

The basic definition of “surplus” is “excess,” “more that what is needed or required.” Now, I realize there has been a movement in recent years to focus on creating only enough money in one’s life to meet one’s immediate and basic needs and desires. But I suggest this is a limiting consciousness, and a self-deprecating one.

The underlying belief for those subscribing to this minimal aspiration is that if they had a surplus, they would become greedy, or beholden to money, and not use the extra money they might produce for their good and that of others. This, of course, is the antithesis of the Moneylove principles. In the original 1978 book, Moneylove, the first Prosperity Proclamation was:

A lot more money is flowing into my life. I deserve it and will use it for my good and that of others.

Prosperity Consciousness is not about asking for less than enough, or even “just enough,” it’s about aspiring to and creating More Than Enough. Aneurin Bevan, the British politician who was the architect of the National Health Service in the UK, said,

Freedom is the by-product of economic surplus.

We’ve all put ceilings on our economic aspirations from time to time. This self-limiting behavior does manifest itself in the energy we put out in the world. Time and time again, I have seen that what produces the best results is to ask for more than enough, whether you are charging a client, approaching a corporate client for a consulting fee, or merely deciding what to charge for your products and services.

Ask yourself this question:  “Do I deserve or desire just enough to get by?” So often, we order short from the universal abundance available to all of us. You are not a “nice” or “better” person for putting this self-imposed ceiling on your possibilities. Especially if this forces you to keep going back to the source, because “just enough” almost always turns out to be not enough at all.



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