We all think we love money, but frequently what stands in the way of our getting more of it is a whole set of complex negative attitudes – including a subconscious rejection of money – that most of us are never even aware of. The MoneyLove principles taught throughout this blog and my work teach you how to reprogram these unloving feelings about money – feelings that keep you from fulfilling your personal and financial potential. By building prosperity consciousness through a combination of fresh insights into earning, spending, banking and investing, MoneyLove shows you how you can become prosperous beyond your wildest dreams.

Find it hard to believe that you don’t love money? Well, MoneyLove contains a 12 – question Prosperity Conscious Test – and most people are appalled at the low score they receive.

Hard work won’t make you rich or financially secure. Enjoying money will make it easier for you to accumulate wealth. The techniques and methods presented in MoneyLove may shock you, but they can help you as they have helped thousands of other unconscious “money fearers” to achieve greater happiness and prosperity.

MoneyLove will not make you money crazy. It will teach you that money is an extension of your personality, and that the more loving you are, the more money you will attract. The goal is to get the most for your money in terms of pleasure, building a positive frame of mind that will enable you to creatively produce more money.

“You can be as good a person rich as poor, probably better” – Jerry Gillies

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