Abundance Without Arrogance


Who Can Say What Teaching Will Work For You and When?

And that is, after all, the essential question that I don’t see fellow prosperity teachers and authors asking. I have been very fortunate in that a large number of people have seemed to have gotten some valuable information from my books and audios and even this blog. But I have always maintained that such success is to be only partially credited to the material offered. It really has more to do about whether the student is willing and ready to absorb the information; whether it strikes a compatible and resonating chord within him or her–and maybe most importantly, whether the timing is right.

This latest musing on my part was triggered by a question asked by one of my Moneylove Club audio subscribers. He has put some of the ideas from my audios into practice to great prosperous effect in his life. He wondered whether I got frustrated or upset that with such powerful stuff to share, some people just didn’t bother checking it out, or joining the club. Actually, the only thing that frustrates me, and I mean the only thing in my entire life right now, is that I haven’t figured out a way to reach the two million people who bought and read Moneylove over the past thirty years. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to expect to eventually connect with twenty to thirty thousand of them. And if I could get 500 to 1000 people, out of the original two million, to be as excited about my new audios as they were about the book or my earlier cassette programs, I would feel I had achieved a major accomplishment. And especially if those people, already predisposed to the Moneylove concepts, were ready to put some new strategies and ideas into practice right away.

But a lot of people aren’t ready to do that, even if I could reach them and tell them about what I am offering. And this is true for everyone in the information, training, motivational and inspirational business. We can be arrogant and suppose people who don’t immediately sign up or enroll in our programs are idiots, or we can accept the reality that no matter how great something is, it isn’t for everyone. And it certainly isn’t for everyone at this exact moment in time. Moreover, if we are honest and aware, what any of us offer out into the world may not be the most effective or valuable product or service or information that a specific individual can successfully use.

For whatever reason, there are millions of people out there who will respond more positively to someone else’s prosperity ideas. I’d be a fool to suppose otherwise. Or to let it bother me. This is why I never take for granted someone’s positive feedback, and cherish every compliment. If I share something I have learned or created and it makes sense for you, and you decide to try it out and it works in producing positive results, then we are joined in that moment in a very precise and mutually inspiriting way.

And while I have been spending almost all my time on producing my audios rather than promoting or marketing them, so cannot expect a very big audience yet, there is one major blessing I celebrate. My internet guru friends tell me that I have one of the lowest attrition rates in the information field. Most of my original subscribers are still members almost two years after I started the Moneylove Club. I think we can all do a lot better job of appreciating the people who stay rather than being concerned about the ones who got away, or never showed up in the first place.



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