Are You Getting In Your Own Way?


That Big Obstacle to Your Success May Be You

On my friend Justin Perry’s YouAreCreators YouTube channel, he has been putting up some of my audios with just a few illustrations so his audience can tune into some of the MoneyLove prosperity ideas. The comments are interesting, such as:

I’ve been doing this for a month and nothing has come to me….what am I doing wrong?

Jerry Gillies MoneyLove I get this type of question a lot from people who have read MoneyLove 3.0or listened to some of my audios or attended one of my workshops. I think I recently shocked someone interviewing me when I said something no other prosperity teacher would say: “I imagine at least a million people read the original MoneyLove and saw no positive changes whatsoever in their lives.” And that probably was an understatement as over two million copies were sold. I got thousands of letters over the years from people who saw major positive results, financial and otherwise, after reading the book.

When I checked some of the anecdotes out in exchanges with those fans, I found that those who reported great success also reported being motivated enough to take action by putting some of my exercises and strategies into practice in their lives. They didn’t just read MoneyLove, put it down and say, “Nothing has come to me.” Books, courses, and any form of personal development training require one essential element for success that can only come from the reader, listener, or participant: action.

We get in our own way by default. There are years’ worth of negative ideas we have been bombarded with, and to just take in information, no matter how good it is, and expect magic to happen without doing something is delusional. Moving forward requires moving. We get in our own way by sinking back into the abyss of old fears, doubts, and poverty programming when we just put that book down like a romance or mystery novel we have read, without doing anything suggested in the book. The MoneyLove principles and ideas are not magical, but when turned into individual action steps, the results can seem quite magical.



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