Avoiding Motivation Overload


The Four A’s of Personal Development

This post was inspired by a comment I made on Facebook:

Avoiding Motivation Overload

There’s probably a need for an Instruction Manual on how to  use all the personal growth, self-help, and prosperity information available in the world today. The modern education systems certainly don’t prepare us for effectively taking in information without suffering from what I have termed “information asphyxiation.”

This is one of the reasons I include an Instruction Manual in MoneyLove 3.0. Of course, we all learn in very individual ways. I have no doubt there are some people on the planet who can juggle five personal development books, six different audio programs, personal coaching sessions, and an occasional webinar successfully.

This would take a genius, and I have not yet met anyone who can do all this at once. What I find instead is folks who think they are moving forward because they are “learning” so much  about how to move forward, while basically staying stuck in their old habits and patterns because they haven’t taken the time to do the four A’s.

These are: First, ACCESS the information you want to take in. Second, ABSORB the parts of any book or program that resonate with you the most. Third, ACTIVATE some of the suggested action steps that make the most sense to  you. Fourth, APPLY what you have learned into your daily life, whether it be for personal or business success. Then, give yourself time to savor and enjoy the impact of this new material before going on to the next shiny new thing.

The Four A's of Personal Development

This is the purpose of my Back Burner concept, which I talk about in MoneyLove 3.0, but also in the free ebook, The MoneyLove Manifesto, which you can order from this website. I always have several prosperity programs or books I want to explore resting on my back burners.

There’s a story, I don’t know whether it’s true or not, about a man who exclaimed, “I’ve read Think and Grow Rich 100 times cover-to-cover, why the hell aren’t I rich?” If you don’t get the point of that story, this is an area you may need to work on.

There is a lot of junk motivation out there, but also some very good motivational/inspirational material. You are wasting your time and money if you find something good and don’t give yourself a chance to activate and utilize and manifest its benefits. Ask yourself this:  “Am I sometimes a motivational junkie, hardly finishing one shiny new thing before going on to the next book, audio, video, course, or webinar?”



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