Baby Steps To Prosperity


“You Have to Crawl, Before You Walk, Before You Run, Before You Fly.”

Some great advice from my friend, author, podcaster, and prosperity coach, Tammi Baliszewski, PhD

I’ve been thinking about this aspect of prosperity consciousness lately, the idea of slowly emerging from your comfort zone toward major change in your life by taking baby steps. Some of my favorite prosperity and spiritual teachers strongly recommend this. Edwene Gaines, in MoneyLove 3.0, suggests baby steps and expands on this:

Sometimes you can only see the first step taking you to your goals and desires, and you can’t let that stop you. You can’t be immobilized by not knowing all the steps necessary to get what you want. You need to get up and start taking that first step.

And Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of The Energy of Money, says in the same chapter, Building a Prosperous Spirit, that one way to overcome negative inner voices or Monkey Mind messages is to:

Shift the focus of our attention to what it is we want to do, and learn how to do it in small, sweet steps.

As Tammi Baliszewski and I discussed this, she suggested we need to take:

Small, consistent steps in the direction of our dreams, so we can eventually be living those dreams.

Some thoughts I’ve recently had on this subject of taking small or baby steps on our path to prosperity, fulfillment, and creative satisfaction, include the idea that even highly accomplished people can benefit from this. While some people can be scared by taking big steps forward, can be overwhelmed by this prospect, others have learned some skills that give them the ability to take big steps without big fears.

I suggest that even these people can benefit greatly by taking baby steps when moving in a new direction. The reason being that this creates a more solid foundation of confidence, and allows us to be more aware of each part of our progress, so it is easier to duplicate and share with others.

How about you?  What is a goal or dream or aspiration you now have that you can immediately take a baby step toward achieving?




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