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“I’m Busy” Doesn’t Really Describe a Positive Experience

The words we choose to put out there have a significant impact on the way others perceive us, and on the way we perceive ourselves.  To tell someone you are busy doesn’t really convey much information. “Too busy” or “crazy busy” are even worse. They suggest someone is overwhelmed, having difficulty coming up for air, not in charge of their own time.

So I started thinking about what would be a good term to use when my life is very full, when I am absorbed by or engrossed in some major creative project that is taking most of my energy and attention, and which I am thoroughly enjoying. I came up with “Creatively Immersed,” meaning there is something I am doing that has me deeply involved.

Being Busy Jerry Gillies MoneyLove

How many times are you using the word “busy” to describe an unpleasant set of circumstances that have your time totally taken but may not be that rewarding?



Once again, I go to one of my favorite quotes I created some thirty years ago:

If it doesn’t bring me profit, pleasure, or knowledge, it isn’t worth doing!

I talk in my chapter The Law of Subtraction in MoneyLove 3.0 about “information asphyxiation.” The way, in these days of high speed 24/7 Internet access, so much information is thrown at us that we really need to set up an immigration policy for our minds. There is no way you can take in even the good information and put it to any practical use, so selectivity is the key.

Look at it this way, when you tell people you are busy, very busy, do you have a smile on your face?  If not, you may want to consider changing your description and being more careful about what activities you let take up your time. For me, at least, being creatively immersed is a lot more fun than being busy.



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