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Give Your Mind a Chance to Unwind

I just finished a Skype interview with Martin Boroson in London. Martin is one of those people who always gives me a fresh take on things, and I suspect his ideas will be taking up a lot of space in my chapter on TimeLove in Moneylove 3.0.  He is known for his great book, One Moment Meditation.

But Martin shared with me today that sometimes he fears too much emphasis is put on the meditation lessons in the book and not enough on his philosophy about Time and how we can use it more effectively. In telling us it only takes a moment to meditate, after all, he is breaking through a lot of preconceptions about how long something takes to accomplish.

Many people know what meditation is, but avoid it because they believe it takes a certain amount of time they can’t afford to devote to what they may think of as a frivolous activity. One Moment Meditation blasts through our old ideas about meditation and our old ideas about time itself.

One thing Martin Boroson says that I think is priceless:

Some people say they’re ‘crazy busy’ now–in other words they’re crazy because they’re busy. I’m starting to think they may be busy because they’re crazy. They’re not giving their mind a chance to unwind.

And just this short piece of many things Martin says about time and how we use it got me thinking. I’m thinking about the fact that several other people I contacted about contributing to my new book said they really had nothing new to add since I interviewed them two or three years ago for my audio series. In other words, they were “crazy busy” building their business, traveling the world doing workshops, hiring people to help them build an online or social media presence. They didn’t take the time to let their mind unwind and let creativity emerge.

I admit I felt sort of superior as I have a very freewheeling schedule, with often only one set appointment, my Monday conference Skype call with my two partners. So I have come up with a lot of new and innovative and cutting edge ideas about prosperity for the new book. Not because I am more brilliant than these folks, who have come up with more than their share of breakthrough ideas over the years, but because I have given my mind lots of time to unwind, to reflect and contemplate, because–as Martin Boroson puts it, my mind is “more spacious.”

Find out a lot more about the mind-boggling, time-shifting ideas Martin offers:  and



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