You Don’t Always Have to Self-Motivate


Create a Motivating Interpersonal Environment

Here’s the thing, especially if you usually work alone, it is OKAY to ask for help!  In my book, FRIENDS, I talked about creating a Supportive Interpersonal Environment, friends who would support your dreams and aspirations, and applaud your successes, and offer comfort when things didn’t quite work out. I think it is equally important, though perhaps not as easy, to create a group of people, or even one strong person, who can motivate you beyond your current comfort zone.

I write this because I am amazed at how quickly I am producing my new book, Moneylove 3.0, set for launch in January (which is my self-imposed deadline). This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the motivating energy of my two new friends and partners, Leo Quinn in Balston Spa, New York, and Christina Makrides on the island of Cyprus. They are both very Internet savvy. Chrissie is an expert on creativing web pages and social media, while Leo knows all about doing affiliate and joint venture online marketing.

They answered a request I put out into the Universe to find someone or some organization to take over all the business details and marketing for my books and audios. I decided I wanted to concentrate on my writing and creating exciting new audio programs. Though we have been together as The Moneylove Team for less than three months, they brought something I wasn’t even aware I needed to the table. Their enthusiasm for my work, and their action oriented plans to promote it widely got me to prepare my original 1978 book, Moneylove, that I am now calling Moneylove 1.0, into digital form as a PDF file.

In addition, I am certain I would not have gotten to my brand new Moneylove 3.0 so quickly (if at all, to be honest) without their cheering me on all the way. Other friends of long standing have also been cheering and supporting me in these projects, but it was my partners who provided the flame that lit my fuse. Are you in need of some new person or persons in your life to light your fuse and let out the creative explosion inside you?



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