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Visualizing Something That Feels Good

This is a stipulation asserted by my good friend, Maggy Whitehouse in Birmingham, England, who is not only a noted prosperity teacher and author, but a minister and new stand-up comedian–so we have lots in common, and our philosophies about  money are very much in synch. I’ll be featuring a prosperity dialogue with her in an upcoming Moneylove Club audio. Maggie is the author of From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity; The Little Book of Prosperity; The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity; Prosperity Teachings of the Bible, and a number of other books.

I like to think of myself as spiritual rather than religious, and attend the nondenominational Unity San Francisco because I like the people and the messages from another brilliant prosperity consciousness minister, Sonya Milton. Maggy Whitehouse has done programs for Unity churches, and her ideas are very compatible with Unity, and she even quotes its founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. (I’ve wondered if its just a coincidence that Unity SF is just a few feet from Fillmore Street.) Maggy says “The whole of the Bible is a prosperity workbook.”

Back to my original premise as articulated in the title of this post, based on something Maggy Whitehouse says, that when you visualize something you think you want, the final result you are aiming for should feel good. It reminds me of something I said in many a Moneylove Seminar over the years. This was to pay attention to the fact that when you say you want to attract lots of money, what you really are desiring is the good feeling you think will come with that money. And where some people go wrong is in visualizing the money to do things like pay bills and other items that are not intrinsically pleasurable. You might check this out for yourself. Make a list of those things you think you would like to buy with the additional money you want to come into your life. Then look at how enjoyable each of these is on a scale of one to ten.

I’ll make a provocative assertion here that may upset some of my readers (but when has that ever stopped me?). I believe that many people lie to themselves about how good they will feel if they use all their money to pay off creditors or help others or give to good causes. Not that this doesn’t have a feel good element to it, but it is not fun, it is not playful, it is not tickling your pleasure zone in the way using money to travel would do. One of my desires when I create a lot more money is to treat a bunch of my friends to a luxury cruise, perhaps even a round-the-world trip. Yes, this is doing something for others, but you can bet your sweet diamonds I will be going along on the trip and savoring every fun-filled moment of it.

Pleasure and joy are much more powerful motivating energies than duty, obligation, fear of lack, etc. For me, the Law of Attraction is about the fact that we get all of our money from other people, and the more joyfully we visualize and ask for what we want, the more people will enjoy giving us money for what we are offering. Think about the people you buy goods, services, and information from. Isn’t it true that you have a much better experience and are more likely to be happy about exchanging money for what they give you in return if they have a smile on their face instead of a frown? A simple and effective affirmation I like is:  “People love to give me money because I love receiving it and will use it to get things I love and enjoy getting.”



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