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Five Prosperity Reasons This Is The Best Of Times


A Time Of Exciting And Profound Opportunity

I am aware that though I write this with a lighthearted tone and even with a smile on my face, for some readers it may be the most profound and important page they’ve read during this period of our economic history.

I’ll go beyond all those old platitudes like, “Behind every cloud there’s a silver lining.” “Darkness comes before the dawn.” “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” I’ll say it simply: This turbulent and unpredictable economy presents more opportunities than any period in recent memory.


1. A Time Of Great And Unprecedented Change

Right now we are experiencing the culmination of a multi-decade period of change from a manufacturing/industrial society to an informational/service society. The computer and the Internet have a lot to do with this, but it also results from the most brilliant people focusing their attention on designing new technologies and new software rather than ways of making new spark plugs and dustmops. Changing times are always the best times to create something new in the way of a profitable venture. And as it finally dawns on some slow learners that we have moved into a whole new way of life and a whole new economy, there will be tremendous opportunities to market the knowledge, products, and services to enhance those new paradigms.

2. You Can Be A Therapist During This Economic Nervous Breakdown

One way to succeed way beyond average levels of success is to become what I call, “A calm center of
assurance,” when everyone else is going crazy with fear and anxiety. The more people who are immobilized by fear, the more the person who transcends that fear with confidence and positive energy will garner great financial and other triumphs. Two prime examples of this were FDR and Ronald Reagan. The first brought an air of confident assurance during The Great Depression, the second came with an optimistic, jaunty cheeriness that belabored the “malaise” Jimmy Carter said the country was in. Whatever you feel about their respective political viewpoints, they brought something necessary at exactly the right time. And you can do the same in whatever business or profession you offer. Becoming a calm center of assurance will not only make you more attractive to more anxious others, but will enable you to reach your highest levels of creative achievement no matter what is going on outside your calm center.

3. Lots Of Free Stuff Is Available

Because of the high unemployment rate, and erratic movement in the marketplace, many people with high quality services and products, courses and books and DVDs to help you move in new directions,
are offering valuable information absolutely free. Of course, they are all trying to get you to buy their products and services down the road, but as long as you pay attention to the deadlines they set up–for example, cancelling a trial subscription before they start charging your debit or credit card–you can explore a lot of possibilities at no expense whatsoever, except sometimes a small shipping charge if they are sending you a CD or DVD. And this has not only to do with the current economy, but with the fact that so much information overload occurs, and there are some outrageous scam artists out there. People are becoming more skeptical, and more discerning, and rightly so. Entrepreneurs offer free premiums to build credibility and trust. It’s a great new development in entrepreneurship whereby everybody wins.

4. Much More Potential For High Quality Team-Building

Many really dependable, competent, even brilliant people are being fired, laid off, or quitting their jobs because conditions and compensation are becoming untenable. This means there are more people to choose from, and with the Internet, much easier, faster ways to choose them, if you want to build a strong and effective team for whatever you are doing in the world. And with so much going on all the time, so many directions and places you can go with your business, a team is almost mandatory for success.

5. Multilevel Marketing Becomes Respectable And More Profitable

Twenty years ago, multilevel or network marketing was considered by many as less-than-legitimate or even fraudulent, with the term “pyramid scheme” often thrown around. And it is true that, as the Internet is today, MLM was often a place that attracted scam artists. But the industry has cleaned up its act, and many notable names in the business and financial world now sing its praises. People like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, even Bill Clinton, now endorse and recommend this industry that often defies downward economic trends. For someone who is either good at networking, or training and recruiting others, it offers a solution to economic challenges at relatively low cost. There is no other opportunity that allows someone to start their own business, with huge potential profits, for a few hundred dollars. If you don’t have another kind of business or profession that excites you, and have limited capitol to invest, and can find a product or service you can get passionate about and enjoy telling others about, MLM may be a perfect solution for you–either as a long term business, or as a transitional venture while you explore your other options.

And you really are in charge of whether five years from now you will look back on this period in your personal history and be able to say either, “It was the worst of times.” or: “It was the best of times.”


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