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Forget Resolutions–Have a Personal Revolution

I find myself immersed in quotes at the beginning of this new year, as I have recently written an article on this subject and my end of 2013 audio was on the same subject for my Moneylove Club subscribers. I am even considering doing a book on the subject. I know there are hundreds of books out there on quotes, sayings, aphorisms, adages, short statements of wisdom, advice, instructions and observations on life. Several have even been written by friends of mine.

My purpose and approach is to add a new dimension to the subject by creating a new personal development tool I call Quotercises. These are simple exercises to make use of the quotes that strike our fancy, hit a responding chord in us, make our brain buzz with ideas, cause us to go quiet to reflect on the meaning of our lives. In other words, quotes are powerhouses of possibilities we haven’t made nearly as much use of as we could.

And it was a quote from the old genius himself, Albert Einstein, that gave me my inspiration for this first post of a new year. Strangely enough, because I have read a lot of Einstein quotes, and even did an entire audio on his wisdom, I hadn’t come across this specific one before. Here it is:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”    Albert Einstein

As I said, a powerhouse. In a way, it is the complete foundation for Moneylove and prosperity consciousness. It even refutes a lot of the basis of many of the books and courses on The Law of Attraction. There is no law, natural or manmade, which can overturn or rectify the crime of a negative consciousness. Not until that negative or poverty consciousness is confronted and is changed.

The answer is to start to become a new and better version of ourselves, to let go of the old and celebrate the new. One personal exercise you might try out, taking advantage of the timing, is to choose to do something this month you have never done before, and especially in the first month of a new year in which you will become, at least some of you, a new person with a different level of consciousness than the one that created any limitations or difficulties or persistent challenges you have encountered in years gone by.

One of the Quotercises I have created, which can easily be applied to the Albert Einstein quote, is to ask yourself the question:  Am I ready, willing, and able to use this quote by Albert Einstein, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” as a model or inspiration for the way I operate in my life in 2014?  And, are you willing to start immediately, at the beginning of this new year by exploring a different level of consciousness?



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