Hurray For The Unemployed!


The Optimum Goal Is Not Getting A Job

None of the economists or politicians really have a grasp on the central issue of the current historically high unemployment rates. This is simply that we have moved past the point where working for someone else is the best option for being successful. Thirty years ago, in my prosperity seminars, I pointed out that in order for you to be worth the salary and benefits an employer paid you, your labor had to create five times that amount for the employer. I suggested it was time to cut out the middleman and get to keep a much higher proportion of your daily bread.

It’s not the deficit, unrest in the Middle East, stringent government regulations, higher taxes or higher oil prices that are shrinking the job market. And it is not only that we are not educating and training people for the skill sets needed in today’s information-oriented economy. It’s that we are not teaching students to be out on their own, creating their own wealth without the dubious benefits of an employer hiring them. Instead of teaching how to create an attractive resumé or be impressive during a job interview, we should be teaching entrepreneurship–how to thrive without the faltering crutch of a job, without the co-dependence of the employee-employer relationship. When the average CEO earns 400 times what his or her average worker earns, we should have gotten the message years ago. Of course, many have gotten this message. This is one of the reasons fewer people are actually looking for work. This is often cited as part of the problem, but it actually is part of the solution.

The  Ultimate Economic Disconnect

Here’s where we have it essentially wrong: At a time when Americans are at the height of productivity, and more and more jobs that were once performed by people are now performed by machines, robots, and computers, we are reacting by bitching about the lack of jobs. Instead, we should be celebrating the freeing up of former working drudges and drones so that they can more creatively and joyfully earn a living by being self-employed.

I know the argument is that not everyone is equipped by education, skills, or temperament to be out on their own. And it is true that worker bees will always be needed. But not nearly as many as in the past. And it’s time politicians told the truth about the massive changes in our education/preparation system required to deal with the realities of the 21st Century.

I’m amazed that I hadn’t realized the following truth before, and a bit embarrassed that I never thought it completely through. It’s simply that of all the thousands of people who have written or spoken to me over the past thirty years about the positive prosperity changes they’ve made after reading Moneylove, or listening to my tapes or audios, or attending my talks or workshops–I can’t think of a single one who attributed their success to being able to get a job, or a higher salary or promotion. In fact, the ultimate phrase that indicated to me that they really were on a path to more prosperity in their lives was simply, “I finally was able to quit my job.”



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