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Your Mind As Your Most Obedient Servant

This is an idea I talked about in Moneylove and in many talks and seminars since then, the concept that your subconscious is the repository of any answers, solutions, and creative bursts you want or need, but you have to learn to ask.  The idea for this post came after I wrote the following and put it on Facebook earlier today:

I am about to start writing twenty cartoon gags, which involves setting the scene and providing the caption, which the artist then draws up. What constantly amazes me is how my brain delivers my request for gags-on-demand. I think we all underestimate the power of this creative source, and none of us ask it to produce nearly enough.

You see, on reflection, I realized that this was more profound a declaration than I originally thought. If you look back on your own life, I am pretty sure you can come up with examples where you needed to produce some information, ideas, or answers and perhaps had a deadline, and your brain came through with the perfect solution. We don’t appreciate and honor that awesome brain capacity enough, or put it to use. At least in my case, I sometimes produce almost miraculous answers as if out of thin air, just because I request this of my brain. And then, a bit later,  I might really need some other ideas or solutions, but I struggle trying to find them because I forget that all I need to do is ask that obedient servant lying within my own skull for what I need or desire.  It’s almost as if we have a treasure chest in our bedroom that can provide us with all our material needs, and we sometimes dip into it for that purpose, but then become oblivious to its existence or its unlimited capacity.

Now that we are in such an information-heavy world, thanks to the Internet and nonstop broadcast media, our subconscious minds have absorbed much much more data than just five or ten years ago. That means all this stuff inside our heads is being stirred around and processed and our brains can provide even more of what we need on demand.

The idea of movies and TV shows on demand seems like a technological marvel as well as a breakthrough in ease and convenience. But we human beings carry around an even more amazing device in the form of our brains and the subconscious mind which resides within them. We can access just about everything on demand, and it is delivered freely with no price and no pain and often no time delay for downloading. When counting our blessings, that should surely be at the top of any list.



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