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Remember Reader’s Digest Condensed Books?  These were hardcover volumes containing abbreviated versions of about five bestselling books in each edition. When I was a kid, these were immensely popular as they allowed for people who didn’t believe they had the time to read a shorter book.  I hated them.

My feelings were generated by my own love of reading, and I felt the publisher was robbing people of the right of discovering the true intention and creative output of the author. Yes, it was more convenient, but what a heavy price people paid, including, I believe, today’s much shorter attention spans where many take their serving of the written word in 140 character bursts.

I feel the same way about repackaged creativity in most forms, such as the many, many motivational and prosperity teachers who have distilled and diluted older works like Think and Grow Rich, or even Moneylove. If I want to apply some of the wisdom of Napoleon Hill to more current situations, I want to decide myself what to take out of his original ideas, even if they are over 75 years old. In other words, I am not an intellectual baby bird who needs to have my literary meal chewed up and spit into my brain by an author-come-lately.

There’s a certain alchemy involved when someone puts together a book or an audio with valuable and useful information. To abridge that original material is to lose the chemistry, the magic, the way it all flowed out of the creator’s mind and into its original form.

I am passionate about this, which is why I am so excited and determined to get every original and essential word in my original Nightingale-Conant Moneylove cassette album onto the digital mp3 audios that will be its new format. It’s a fun and very rewarding process for me, now that the struggle to get the rights back from the publisher has succeeded.

My reasons for being a purist on this are varied and many. Most of all, I want a new audience to get exactly the same experience that thousands got since its original release on six cassette tapes over twenty-five years ago. It holds up, as witness the fact that I got a number of new ideas for upcoming audios by listening to the Moneylove Tapes all the way through for the first time in a number of years.

I am certain there are some brilliant people out there who could take the core of Moneylove and produce their own prosperity work that would have value. But I think we all need to be clear about who we are trusting to interpret other people’s creative works and serve them to us in pre-digested form.

There are, for instance, countless creative works out there based on the Sherlock Holmes character invented by Arthur Conan Doyle over a hundred years ago. More movies featuring that unique character than any other fictional figure, many plays, and perhaps hundreds of books. I even like some of them, such as the Laurie R. King series that has Holmes take a young American wife, and I even like the Elementary tv series. But none of these match the original, the master, the genius who was Arthur Conan Doyle. That seems pretty elementary to me.



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