Inspirational Quotes

I love quotes, sayings, aphorisms, and especially the way they often just pop into my conscious mind from some deep creative reservoir.

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One definition of “aphorism” I like is from from Wikipedia : “Denotes an original thought, spoken or written in a laconic and easily memorable form.’ A big confession here: I wasn’t quite sure of the meaning of “laconic”. Reading about a laconic character in a book, I always pictured someone who rarely spoke, like John Wayne in all those western movies. But it actually and exactly means, “expressed in few words, concise.” Sounds like a description of Twitter, doesn’t it?


In the past few years, I’ve realized that my quotes are what many people remember most about my prosperity teachings. If one Googles or Bings me, many of these appear. The quote pictured on the mini-poster above has been one of the most widely distributed online. It’s been sent around the world on many websites in the illustration that first appeared on  It even is quoted in a song poem, American Dream,  by poet-rapper Suli Breaks in England.

I think it strikes a responding chord in so many people because it tells a basic truth, and provides a unique perspective on success and life.

I believe any single quote can make you happier and richer, depending on how you see and use it in your life. I believe that the thousands of quotes we are bombarded by and surrounded with, thanks to the Internet, are a virtual treasure of tools for success and inspiration, perhaps the most under-utilized treasure in any of our lives.

I could do an entire article, maybe even an entire book, on the quotes that have helped expand and transform my life over the years. Quotes by such original thinkers as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Ray Bradbury, Norman Cousins. They’ve been my mentors in creating my own quotes as well as many other aspects of my creative life. They are all much better at it than I am, which is why I’ve chosen them as my teachers. There are also many not-so-celebrated writers and speakers I have taken my cues from.

Many authors have published collections of their quotes, but here is where my efforts are unique and different. I want to explore and share ways in which you can get more out of the quotes you encounter, whether mine or any of your personal favorites.

The quotes you will receive when you sign up below for my Inspirational Quotes series were specifically chosen to illuminate prosperity reality and provide different ways of looking at things. Feel free to share your feelings about your favorite quotes by hitting the reply button. I always love hearing which quotes deeply resonate (and which do not) with my followers.

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