It’s About Valuing Your Customers as Well as Valuing Yourself


Are You Limiting Your Potential by Mentally Limiting Theirs?

I talk to a lot of friends and colleagues who are still charging what they charged five or ten years ago, even though the cost of living has gone up. When I ask why they don’t raise their prices on their services, products, or ideas, an oft-repeated answer is, “I don’t think they would or could pay any more.”

Now, we all know about limited thinking, but this may be even worse–it’s consciously putting out into the universe your belief that the people you approach to buy from you have limited income. It’s all about energy. How would you feel if all your friends poor-mouthed you behind your back?

Is it even possible that putting this out is attracting people who can’t or won’t pay you what  you’re worth?  I don’t know the metaphysical answer to that, but it can’t be good for your own prosperity consciousness to believe you are surrounded by people who don’t see the value of what you are offering–and to believe that–whether it’s true or not.

I recently raised my fee for a coaching session, and as my partners and I have said it would, the price of MoneyLove 3.0 has just gone up two months after its launch. It’s still a fantastic bargain. In raising my prices,  I am honoring my audience by stating I believe they can easily afford the higher prices.

So many people flinch when raising their price, fearful it will drive business away. I am visualizing instead that it will attract more prosperity conscious people to what I offer in the world. After all, with so many of my readers, listeners, and workshop participants giving the MoneyLove concept credit for their financial success, including dozens who became millionaires, my fees are ridiculously cheap. I am betting my customers, clients, and students are not. Do you trust yours that much?









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