Jerry Gillies has passed away…


It is with great sadness that we announce today that Jerry has passed away.

Those words are so very hard to write. Jerry was a mentor to millions of people around the world and we are all left with very heavy hearts.

Although he is no longer here in body, he will always remain in the hearts & souls of the people whose lives he’s touched over his 75 years on this earth.

Jerry believed that none of us could ever really leave this earth. In body, yes, but the memories others hold of us would live on. He didn’t fear death but rather stayed focused on his purpose and to leave his thumbprint on the world. He wanted for every person in the world to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life, whatever that meant for each individual.

The fairly recent group, MoneyLove Club, was created for that reason. His vision was to bring together friends & followers of the MoneyLove community, to meet each other and help each other achieve their highest versions of themselves, no matter what their social status, country of origin, gender, race, religion, color, or age was. “Everybody has something to offer to someone, somewhere, always” he would say.

His friendship, love, support & generosity will forever be one in which we will cherish forever.

Please feel free to share your memories of Jerry and MoneyLove on his Facebook Page Click here to get to the MoneyLove Official Page

The MoneyLove/Jerry Gillies Family


About the Author Jerry

  • Whatdidyousay

    My father was a great fan of Jerry’s and must of bought everyone he knew “MoneyLove” audio’s and books. I enjoyed tagging along on the Bermuda seminars.
    My condolences to everyone who was touched by his magical personality and kindness.
    Rest in peace.

  • Jim Beerstecher

    Gracias por toto, amigo! Jerry’s contributions set the bar amazingly high for human achievement! My life, for over 35 years, has been better than I ever dreamed possible. Jerry’s words in print, applied to my life, made that difference. I’ve shared his book, his story, and my own experience with thousands of people along the way and seen countless others living better, more fulfilling lives as a result. The original MoneyLove text works hand-in-hand with 12-step recovery principles… just sayin’

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