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MoneyLove 3.0, A Life of Its Own

Who knew just three months ago, when I thought I was going to take my original book, Moneylove, and expand and annotate it to bring it up to date in the computer age–who knew how many Mindbursts would occur to change the whole direction of my life?  First, because my new Moneylove Team and I decided to release the original as a PDF book online, there was no longer a need to keep a lot of it intact in a new book. So many people have benefited from and loved it over the years, I had wanted to keep the classic stuff alive. But that was now taken care of.

So my first mindburst was to create a whole new book, and call it MoneyLove 3.0 to signal that it was written for the digital age, including a chapter on Cyber Consciousness.

The next mindburst just popped into my head–I coined the term mindburst to describe that phenomenon that I think everyone has experienced at one time or another–an idea coming up in your conscious mind and you have no clue where it came from, apparently it had been gestating in the subconscious and made itself known when the time was right. That one was to seek out the top prosperity teachers and authors whom I had learned the most from, and invite them to participate in a new way. I wouldn’t just get a few quotes from them on the subjects covered, but would attempt, using my old NBC interviewing skills, to get a mini-seminar out of most of them. In this I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Every time I looked at the book as it was emerging, I learned something new, or had a new idea of my own triggered by something one of my 22 contributors said.

Like this gem offered as part of a long segment on Building a Prosperous Spirity by minister, author, comedian, Maggy Whitehouse.

Maggy Whitehouse

In fact, discovering how much content each section of the book had, I had another mindburst, and instead of 12 Chapters, MoneyLove 3.0 is now really a prosperity library with 12 separate books that fit very well together. This made sense because several of the segments, like TimeLove, QuoteLove, and Carpe Serendipity were originally planned as books.

My estimate in October, was that it would be a 200 page book. Now it’s 333 pages, including two things I don’t believe any other book has had, two more mindbursts–an Instruction Manual, showing readers techniques for turning MoneyLove 3.0 into a total prosperity home study program. And an 18 page Appendix for Book Five, TimeLove.  I’ve also created and included more exercises and action steps than have ever appeared on the pages of a single book.

So now with the launch having arrived on January 15, as planned, I am bursting with pride and joy and robust expectations (another whole book within this volume). I have said that MoneyLove 3.0 is twice as long and ten times more powerful than the original MoneyLove. I may be underrating it.

I do like to toot my own horn when it is about something authentic, but I have said that if someone is going to do that, they should still be very aware they are not the only instrument in the orchestra. I am not denigrating myself at all when I say that if you removed all of my words from the book, and just left in the accumulated decades of wisdom presented by my contributing faculty, you would still have a book worth at least ten times its retail price.

All of this begs the question; What mindbursts have you experienced this past week and what actions are you going to take to manifest those mindbursts? Take a moment and share them in the comments below.









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