The Lessons of a Long-Delayed Sequel

It’s Like Empty Nest Syndrome–The Author Version

This morning, I posted the following on Facebook:

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Now the true mystery unfolds. Will people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it?  Will they have some of the profound awarenesses that I got from the creative process.  Will they be as excited about some of my new inventions as I am. Like The Law of Subtraction, Quotercises, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Carpe Serendipity, and Cyber Consciousness. In other words, will Moneylove 3.0 be greeted with the astonishment and empowerment and amazing success that welcomed the original Moneylove to the world in 1978?

Several psychic friends say it will be bigger than the original, they feel something tremendous coming. I have that feeling, but also realize there is no way of knowing until the unfolding process begins next week. And without massive big bucks advertising, it may be slower than some rollouts. But I am in no hurry.

I asked myself what I am most excited about, most anticipating with the publication of this new book, containing so many of my new ideas and prosperity concepts and action exercises developed in the past twenty years. If I go deep within and am totally honest, it’s not so much the money and the fame, those are side effects, happenings incidental to the main event.

What I am most excited about is hearing from readers that this process or idea made a dent in their universe, acted as a torch to ignite the flame of their own creative source, moved them forward in some positive way. If a million people buy the book, but only a hundred tell me it changed their lives and brought them amazing joy and fulfillment and prosperity, I will not feel successful, only rich–and that will never be enough.



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