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A Free Ranging Chat Online

I’ve just finished one of the best online prosperity chats I could have imagined. My prosperity party hostess and dialogue partner was the incomparable Free Range Human herself, Marianne Cantwell, speaking from Bali.

I was impressed with the group she calls The Tribe before even meeting any of them. She asked them to come up with some issues around time and money and they sent in thirteen pages of pertinent thoughts and questions. This is a very engaged group.

One of my favorite comments was one I never remember saying before:

Sometimes when people talk about prosperity consciousness, they focus on the prosperity and forget about the consciousness part.

Marianne and I talked about the power of words, and she suggested what I consider a great strategy:

I think you should get really curious and start listening to the language people around you are using. If it’s someone who tends to have things come to them easily, how do they answer when you say, “How are you?”  Then listen to the language of those who are convinced that life is very very difficult. That should convince you of the power of changing your language.

There was a lot of interest in my Robust Expectations concept, and I said,

Through your life, no matter what kind of darkness you may have faced, what kind of loss, what kind of disappointment, what kind of tragedy–through your life, things always got better. We’ve all had that experience–things always get better. So, if things always get better, it should be quite easy to have Robust Expectations, no matter where you now are.

I can think of two questions related to the two quotes above.

 1. What could someone tell about your level of prosperity consciousness by listening in to your conversations?  How do you usually answer, “How are you?”  

 2. Can you think of a time when things seemed to be headed in the wrong direction in your life, and picture how slowly or quickly things got better?

More on Marianne and her great book, Be A Free Range Human (and she had some high praise for MoneyLove 3.0), at




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