“12 Sure-Fire Ways To Improve Your
Prosperity Consciousness”

Introducing the 12 Books of Moneylove 3.0

Dear Friend;

You may be asking yourself “what exactly is “prosperity consciousness”?”

“Prosperity Consciousness” involves the alignment of one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions to produce whatever personal and financial fulfillment one desires.

The ultimate goal of “prosperity consciousness” is to be in a place where you can live easily and happily in the environment you choose, without money worries, and doing work you love and feel is important and worthwhile.

A prosperity conscious person has learned how to overcome negative thoughts about money and success, and take positive action to move forward to total fulfillment and satisfaction in every aspect of life.

Unlike many prosperity teachers of today, I’ve been teaching these principles since the 1970’s when my first book, MoneyLove sold over TWO MILLION copies.

In 1987 Nightingale Conant, one of the world’s largest self-help publishers released an audio version of my MoneyLove concepts.


A lot has change in the world and in my life since 1978.

Late last year I decided it was time to update the original MoneyLove for the digital age.

I decided to call this project MoneyLove 3.0

It has continuously surprised me since I first started writing it. The biggest surprise was that once I made the original Moneylove available online, I decided to create a brand new book. Another big surprise was that the 12 Chapters have turned into 12 individual books, to create a Prosperity Library within one volume.  Several of these segments will become individual books. It is twice as long as the 1978 MoneyLove, and easily ten times more powerful.

This is largely due to 24 of my own teachers and mentors whom I invited to contribute their ideas and prosperity strategies. I got much more than I asked for in the form of a number of mini-seminars from these leading prosperity thinkers, sometimes introducing concepts they haven’t even gotten to write their own books about.

This is breakthrough stuff taking readers to new perceptions and paradigms about building a more prosperous life. It could just be the most unique book ever!

I can safely make that provocative declaration because there are ten things about MoneyLove 3.0 that make it so. For one thing, it is the only book ever to come with its own Instruction Manual, designed to make it more of a complete prosperity home study program.


Again, I call the 12 segments are Books, not chapters, because each one could be its own short but profound book on its particular subject.

And there are concepts I have invented that are being introduced here for the first time in a book, that will boggle your mind.

Such as Carpe Serendipity, The Law of Subtraction, Weapons of Mass Distraction, TimeLove, Cyber Consciousness, and more exercises that allow the reader to put these ideas into immediate action than ever have appeared in any personal development book.

Just one of the 12 books, QuoteLove, has 100 of a new kind of exercise called a Quotercise, which allows you to get more value out of your favorite quotes. In a year or so, it will be becoming a book on its own. And it inspired my free weekly quote subscription series.

Along with my collaborator for the particular subject, TimeLove, Martin Boroson, author of One Moment Meditation, we offer a total new way to use and play with time.

This subject is so mind and time bending, that it has its own Appendix, another way in which Moneylove 3.0 is unique.

Just Imagine Being Able To:

-Get every desire you have fulfilled, because that’s why you have them.

-Add humor to your life in very profitable ways.

-Make time your personal servant.

-Create a life of freedom beyond your wildest dreams

-Navigate and enjoy and profit from the Internet

…And that’s just for starters!

Think you can’t easily be prosperous? Let me prove you wrong!

Among the faculty are bestselling authors, powerful prosperity coaches, psychologists and ministers, all working together to make your life work better.

It’s All About Knowing What You Want and Where to Ask For It

Any Single Book in the MoneyLove 3.0 Prosperity Library can Change Your Life.

A synopsis of the Contents alone are like an incredible prosperity seminar, so Book by Book, here is a description of what is in store for you.

Instruction Manual–This is the first book with its own instruction manual, in which I say, “This book is not meant to be at its most effective by the reader starting at page one and going through to the end.”  Find out the alternative to that old-fashioned way of reading a book on prosperity.

The exciting thing is that some of the specific exercises featured in this manual can also be adapted to getting more out of any self-development book now in your library. That’s right, it will work to enhance the power of your other books!

Introduction–In this, you’ll learn my story, including my twelve years in prison and why that is a powerful benefit for anyone using these techniques for success. The Introduction opens with this provocative question:

“Is money your main objective in reading a book about prosperity consciousness? You might want to give that some additional thought.”

Book One–The Foreplay of Success

The  title is probably the least surprising thing about this Book that breaks new ground and may contain the most powerful sentence ever appearing in a personal development book.

Book Two–Robust Expectations

This chapter will teach the reader how to create and nurture the quality Norman Cousins shared with me that all the great and famous people he knew seemed to have in common.

Don’t buy into all the self-help authors and well-meaning advice givers who tell you to keep your expectations low so you won’t be disappointed.

Inspired by and with major contributions from hours of interviews with him, Norman Cousins makes a strong point for developing robust expectations: “People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams.”

Book Three–The Law of Subtraction

This is an amazing new concept that focuses on the importance of dramatically dealing with I have called, “information asphyxiation,” based on an idea that originated with Sherlock Holmes!

“A new immigration policy for our brains is much more vital than one for our physical borders. We need to become more discerning border guards and gatekeepers.”

Book Four–To Drown or Not Drown Stanley

This chapter teaches how to confront and remove much of the impact of that little negative voice inside our heads that perpetuates poverty consciousness in our lives.

“This Book is about recognizing and eliminating much of your poverty consciousness–the obstacles holding you back from having what you want.”

A number of teachers, prosperity masters, and authors contributed to this section, including David Friedman, author of The Thought Exchange, who said: “It’s not that you get a million dollars by having the thought, ‘I’m going to have a million dollars,’ and you made that happen. Because there’s nothing to make happen. I don’t call it   the Law of Attraction, because there’s nothing to attract–everything is already here.” 

Book Five–TimeLove and The TimeLove Appendix

This aims at nothing less than changing the way we view and use our most precious resource–time.

“You have the power to change the way this man-made construct called time operates in your life, the power to have it respond to your desires and wishes, and the power to be more flexible and playful and creative in your use of it.”

In this effort, I brought aboard someone who has been talking and teaching about time as much as I have, in effect as a co-author for this chapter, Martin Boroson, author of One Moment Meditation.

This may be the first chapter ever to have its own Appendix, and many more ideas and exercises involving time are contained in those additional eighteen pages.

Martin says: “When you have ‘prosperity time consciousness,’ you feel free to give and bestow time. You don’t have a sense that there’s a shortage of time, you don’t have that sense of feeling crowded. You have a sense that you are living your time as you want to live it, sometimes maybe bending time, and at other times, accepting time as it is.”

Book Six–Carpe Serendipity

This chapter looks at those amazing coincidences in life that are often signals we must be doing something right, and that many declare are messages from God.

Ignoring something potentially good for you, or receiving something potentially bad is a human action and reaction that happens with alarming frequency.

This is why many miss out on the possibility of serendipity in their lives.

You’ll hear many stories of amazing serendipitous events in my life and those of others. One of the most astonishing was how I got back in touch with Joe Nuckols, author of It’s No Secret: Release Your Prosperity Potential from Your Past, Present, and Possibilities, fifty years after meeting and mentoring Joe at a Richmond, Virginia radio station.

Joe says in this Book: “The whole idea of serendipity and directing our lives and falling into line with our purpose is about creating your own serendipity, where you look at what your desires are, your dreams, and the thing that you love, your passion.”

Book Seven–Building a Prosperous Spirit

A lot of the most dynamic and respected spiritual teachers of prosperity contributed to this chapter.

“Whatever you’re offering out in the world, your ideas, your services, your talents, your skills, your products–if you make them attractive and you present them in a loving and joyful and radiant way, people will want to exchange money for them.”

Three teachers of spiritual prosperity contributing to this Book say…

Edwene Gaines, author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: “You have made spiritual progress when you can have your things or not, and be happy regardless.”

Maggy Whitehouse, author of Prosperity Teachings of The Bible: “True prosperity is a state of mind where you are radiant with health, happiness, peace, joy, and the knowledge that everything you want and need is yours for the asking.”

Maria Nemeth, author of The Energy of Money: “A moment of discomfort is a small price to pay for enlightenment.”

Book Eight–Cyber Consciousness

This is a whole new approach to doing business online, with powerful ideas and examples from some of today’s top young Internet entrepreneurs.

“The idea is to warm up the Internet with human connections, not freeze it out by becoming another one of its automatons.”

One of the most successful practitioners of a new trend called “laptop entrepreneurs,” is Marianne Cantwell, author of Be a Free Range Human.

Marianne teaches people to get paid to be themselves, and says: “If someone’s considering doing an online business, the best question to ask is who you want to be.

If you go into this saying, ‘What I want to be is someone who makes lots of passive income,’ and you don’t actually know what you want to do or who you want to be or who you want to help–I’ve never seen someone go and be successful in that way.”

Book Nine–Jobs-No Jobs

One little known fact about Steve Jobs is that he was one of the world’s biggest employers who really believed people could be happier becoming self-employed or starting their own high-tech companies.

In this chapter, we explore the secrets to his success, and great wisdom on how anyone can become their own boss. Steve Jobs represented and was the prime role model for the dramatic transformation of a society of mostly salaried white collar and blue collar employees to a society of no collar entrepreneurs.

Another powerful contributor to this book is Barbara Winter, author of Making A Living Without A Job, who says: “Don’t you find when it’s work that’s part of a bigger picture it changes your attitude? Something that if you were just doing it in a job you would think it was dreadful. But when you’re doing it for something that really matters to you, it’s just part of the whole journey.”

Book Ten–Laughing All The Way

“How many times have you laughed out loud in the past week? Your answer to this simple question can be an indicator of what kind of life you are leading.”

Among the contributors to this chapter is Allen Klein, author of The Healing Power of Humor, who says: “For over twenty years, I’ve been teaching people how to get more humor, get more fun, get more play into their lives.I certainly enjoy and love what I do, and bringing people more laughter and fun  and I have made money doing it!”                   

Book Eleven–QuoteLove

As is true for much of Moneylove 3.0, this chapter is meant to be a permanent part of your reference library to come back and partake of on a regular basis. It reflects my love of quotes, and introduces an amazing new tool to make them a more powerful part of our lives.

Quotercises are mostly simple exercises that allow you to experience your favorite quotes, and new quotes, at a much deeper level, and to use them as precious tools on your path to total prosperity in all things.

“I believe that the thousands of quotes we are bombarded and surrounded by, thanks to the Internet, are a virtual treasure trove of tools for success and inspiration, perhaps the most under-utilized resource in any of our lives.”

One of the contributors interviewed especially for this chapter was Christine Segal, Executive Director of The Master Shift non-profit organization that puts seven quote posters on their FaceBook page every day, and says: “I think quotes are very powerful and I think in particular before you go to bed, it’s very, very, advantageous to read something positive, uplifting, affirming. This is so important because when you sleep, your subconscious is focused on the last thing that was in your conscious mind.”

Book Twelve–Weapons of Mass Distraction

This chapter contains seven powerful processes that can help you multiply the impact of the entire book. It includes some prosperity strategies that many MoneyLove coaching clients and workshop participants have found the most effective in changing their lives for the better.

These include such weapons for your psychological arsenal as a coin toss that enhances your decision-making power, a way to actually produce your own version of this book, and how you can easily focus on the one thing that most stirs your passions by relegating everything else to the back burner.

“Part of the whole Back Burner concept is about really paying attention to what is going on around you, and what is coming toward you, and what people are praising and acknowledging you for.”

MoneyLove 3.0 is much more than a book, it is a compilation of some of the most powerful exercises ever designed to increase your awareness and success. It is also a resource library to come back to time and again after your first reading.

And it is an amazing reservoir of the wisdom of many top teachers and authors and workshop leaders whom I invited to participate as a faculty of prosperity consciousness, with a curriculum much more focused than any MBA program, and new ideas and techniques from the contributors that, in many cases, have never appeared in print before.

It also is not only inspiring, provocative, and making use of the latest brain research about how to learn and grow and move forward on your ideal path in life, but it’s a lot of fun.

Get Your Copy Now Because You Have…

-Things to Learn,

-Things to Change,

-Things to Do

Every one who invests in MoneyLove 3.0 gets two of the best prosperity audios ever recorded.

Bonus #1: The Highlights of MoneyLove 3.0

I talk about what I see as the most important ideas contained in MoneyLove 3.0, and include excerpts from some of the interviews I conducted for the book.

Bonus #2: An overview of some of the timeless concepts from the original 1978 MoneyLove, along with new comments and strategies.

The original MoneyLove sold two million copies and has been quoted or highly praised in over 100 books written since then.


If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, simply let me know within 30 days and I’ll immediately refund your money. Warm and prosperous wishes for your best year ever,


Jerry Gillies, author of MoneyLove 3.0 and MoneyLove and MoneyLoveBlog.com

P.S. This is not a book, but a collection of the best ideas and action steps to create prosperity from the man who introduced Prosperity Consciousness, and 24 contributors he has learned from and you will, too.

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