Moneylove And The MindPower Mission


Don’t Let Your Brain Become Abandoned Property

I don’t think there is anything sadder than passing some abandoned houses, on the verge of collapse–the kind that make you wonder, “Why in the world isn’t someone who really needs a house living in that one?” I don’t know if anyone has come up with this analogy before, but it recently (like waking up this morning with the thought popping into my head) came to me that our underused brains are sometimes like those houses in distressed neighborhoods. Once filled with hope and dreams and energy, now lying fallow, mostly unused and unproductive. Of course, you may be doing a lot with your life right now, so I am comparatively speaking here.

What I mean to say is that in comparison to the amazing, huge, vast possibilities of the human brain, we are using but a small part of its production capacity. So I’m on a Mindpower Mission, which is to say, I am searching in my own mind for ways to more effectively stimulate my brain and those of my students, readers, listeners, mentees, and friends.

Come Up With A New Description Of What You Do

Imagine someone asking you to describe what you do in the world in a single sentence, but in a way in which you have never described it before. I did that one for myself by imagining an interviewer was asking me the purpose of my prosperity teaching, and especially the Moneylove Club monthly audios that are my main creative focus right now. And the answer I came up with was, “My purpose is to stimulate and encourage people to see and think about their own prosperity potential in some new and exciting ways.” Now I could obviously say a lot more, but that’s it in a proverbial nutshell, and I suggest you explore doing the same for what you do for a career, profession, or vocation.

New Year’s Revolution

No, that’s no typo–but my suggestion that, as we move into 2011, we come up with some revolutionary possibilities for ourselves, some ways of shaking up the status quo, some ways of activating our own Mindpower Mission. Imagine, for example, a wise and ancient and persistent Zen Master with one of those foam baseball bats, whacking you on the head every time you are doing and thinking about things in the same old way, complacent and lazy, unwilling to explore new territory.

“Oh, Woe is me, this terrible economy is limiting me.”  Whack!

“I’ve done all I can do, time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.”  Whack! Whack!

“Prosperity comes naturally to some people, but it’s always a struggle for me.” Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Of course, there is no Zen Master doing this for you right now, so you have to create one in your mind, and you get to pick those limiting thoughts and feelings worth of evoking those whacks.

You Know More Than You Know You Know

That has a nice ring to it for a headline, don’t you agree? And it’s the truth. Just as it often takes a visionary to come along and figure out some way to use those abandoned houses with purpose and imagination, it takes you to wake up and start seeing more for yourself, more in yourself. We all have answers that will astound us when they emerge. We just have to start asking the questions.

A MindPower Exercise For You

To start thinking in new and even revolutionary ways, you’ve got to start thinking in new ways. Our creative imaginations are powerful tools that often resemble those abandoned houses in their neglect and underuse. So here’s a little exercise in using your imagination in some new way. You can do it lying down, or sitting, or even daydreaming while engaged in some other less-than-absorbing activity.

Picture yourself many years from now. Much older, but still healthy and vital. You have just been named the Richest Person In The World. You’re being interviewed, perhaps by an ancient Oprah on international television or webcast. She asks you how you made your fortune. Think about all the skills and talents and accomplishments you have manifested so far in your life, and imagine which one you would have put the most effort and energy and purpose into to get to this financially exalted position in life. See and hear yourself answering the question.



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