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A Friday Morning Surprise

So imagine my surprise, having been absent without leave from the world at large for twelve years, to wake up this morning and be greeted by The Motivational Quote Of The Day on my email from Nightingale-Conant, a quote that reaches tens of thousands of people, including many movers and shakers. It was one of my old Moneylove quotes, uttered more than a generation before the popularity of The Law Of Attraction. Here it is:

“Wealth Is Not A Material Gain, But A
State Of Mind.”

In some ways this is no big deal. After all, NC puts one of these quotes out every day. On the other hand, with all the top people in the field of human growth, motivation, and spiritual development–people like Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, even the late Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale and Dale Carnegie–they picked me, describing me as an author and speaker and radio personality (It’s been over 30 years since I’ve been on radio regularly.) I don’t know what archive they searched to find that quote, but as a good friend pointed out to me, they probably don’t even know I recently paroled from 12 years in prison.

So I am not going to let my head get too inflated with this, but I will allow it to re-inspire me, to remind me that a lot of my ideas have a degree of permanence unusual in this “here today, gone tomorrow” soundbite world we live in. And also, it will motivate me to come up with newer and more powerful quotes, as I think this one is a bit archaic, especially considering that it was once a cutting edge thought.

My prison experience taught me some valuable lessons that eventually will be featured in a book, but one thought I will share now, a quote I like even more than my old one:

“Freedom Is Not Wide Open Spaces, But A
Wide Open Mind.”



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