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My Periscope Live ProsperScope Learning Curve Is Very Curvy Indeed

I have had a lifelong confrontational relationship with all things mechanical, electronic, and technical. I suggest in MoneyLove 3.0 that it is as important to recognize what we are not good at as it is to know what we really do well. This is why I now have two partners, Christina Makrides and Leo Quinn, who are much more tech and social media and all things Internet-savvy than I am.

Jerry Gillies MoneyLove Periscope

The obviousness of my limitations is manifest as I begin my newest project, doing three ProsperScope videos each week on Periscope–the amazing new platform that I predict will change the world of online communication forever.  I just finished my first week of doing these short live streaming videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30pm NYC time. It will take some time to build my audience for my live mini-Moneylove Seminars, which may be good as the fewer people who see my fumbles the better. Oh, it’s not all my fault, but if I were more skilled I could probably fix the glitches a lot faster. Right now, I have no idea why they are occurring.

Examples. On my first live ProsperScope, my friend, financial wizard Michael Budnick, was visiting me here in Panama to discuss the live workshops we will soon be scheduling in the U.S.  He was lying on his bed at the Wyndham Grand Veneto Hotel and Casino, and at a nearby desk, I was taking advantage of their WiFi system, much more powerful than my own. He had his iPad in hand to watch my broadcast. Imagine his surprise when the first image that came up was on his own stretched-out legs!  I have no idea why the camera was reversed, and since there is no camera icon as you are Periscoping, I didn’t know how to fix it until Christina sent me the comment that I needed to tap the screen twice. It worked.

On the second live video, somehow the final three minutes I did never appeared. It cut off at the end of a sentence, but I was going to recap the exercise I shared and promote my next Prosperscope and say my goodbyes. Was it a poor signal, as I was now doing it from home?  I may never know.

That brings us to last night. No picture at all showed up as I started, so I stopped the broadcast and started over, and as you can see for yourself, for a few seconds over one minute, it just wasn’t working. Again, I did nothing, not even touch my iPad Mini, and it somehow corrected itself. I am curious as to what will happen on Monday’s show.

You can watch the replay HERE.

But here’s why I consider this all a positive experience. First, as a Periscope newbie, my audience consists of just a handful of people to share my embarrassment. Then, I have still been able to deliver my main content of specific awareness and action exercises viewers can put into practice to get more of what they want. And, thirdly, with each and every blunder, whether something I messed up or just a technical glitch, I learn something new.

And, finally, I am able to save all my live videos after they expire from Periscope in 24 hours. I will figure out how to edit the glitches out, and will be building a library of videos I can eventually share on YouTube or elsewhere.

Stuff happens and every time it does, we get a chance to develop our resilience muscle, to come back even stronger and smarter. If I didn’t let 12 years in prison break my spirit, some technological stumbles certainly won’t do it.




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