NonSexual Foreplay


Getting Ready Is What Determines Success In Any Activity

The Merriam-Webster full definition of foreplay:

: erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse
: action or behavior that precedes an event

When I recorded my bestselling Nightingale-Conant cassette program, Moneylove, in 1987, I titled the first segment, Getting Ready For Wealth.  I might just as well have called it Prosperity Foreplay. The same components that make for successful sexual foreplay:  Intention, Attention, Playfulness, Imagination, Emotion, Commitment–are exactly the same components one needs in any major project or important/successful activity.

I would venture to say that if there were a study of a group of men and women to determine how good they were at sexual foreplay, the ones who didn’t do well in this very common human event would prove to not do well in a number of other areas in their lives. Whether you talk to a chef or a surgeon, you will get the same answer:  a lot of determining how it all turns out depends on the prep.  Prosperity Prep (which I may have originated right here) involves knowing what you want, deciding how you want to go about getting it, taking action to make it happen. Prosperity Foreplay is all about getting ready to do this.

One aspect of sexual foreplay should be added to this mix:  excitement, stimulation, arousal.  For your Prosperity Foreplay and Prosperity Prep to bring you all you desire, you need to be excited, stimulated, aroused (fully awake and fully turned on) during your foreplay. Look back on your past ventures and you will find that the most successful ones are those you were really excited about.  Passion is the term used a lot in today’s world–finding your passion, living your passion.  Well, what leads to successful manifestation and activation of your passion is thoughtful and committed foreplay.

I just received a great compliment today in which a woman said that the original Moneylove cassette album was the biggest factor in her success to date. She ordered the new version of that program in a digital mp3 file and is planning to become a coaching client.  However, I beg to differ with her–that audio program is not what led to her success–her statement that she nearly wore out the cassettes listening to them over and over again was the essential comment in her email in terms of what made her successful. She is very good at Prosperity Foreplay, doing it over and over again, realizing that each time you listen to any motivational program that calls for action you are hearing it in a different way. We change so rapidly, that it is almost impossible to get the same exact result every time.

And like sexual foreplay, you can’t be doing it because someone else demands it, or some book or teacher or therapist tells you it has to be done. You must enjoy the process and make it your own. The more you put your energy into getting ready, and the more you enjoy it, the more ready you will be.



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