Panama–Prosperity Paradise?


The Short Answer is “YES!”

Just ten days ago I wrote a post for my other, more personal blog, titled Why Panama?  But it seems a lot longer as time has slowed down for me down here South of the Border, while activities, adventures, pleasures, and imagination have quantitatively increased. An amazing time-bending way of life that I will explore in depth at some future date. Back to my earlier post. Of course, when I wrote that post, I hadn’t arrived here yet, so my reasons for moving here have now dramatically multiplied and solidified.  I’m not even sure, considering my reputation as a wordsmith, whether I can accurately describe the energy in what is one of the most remarkable and unique booming economies ever seen.

The first thing one notices arriving in Panama City is the traffic chaos, making the 405 in LA look like an empty rural road. One of the main culprits is the Metro, a super modern subway system with streamlined trains that will put anything in the U.S. to shame, but now responsible for a huge ditch. Plus major skyscrapers going up all over the place, plus the renovation of the historic Old Town, and the cleaning up of the bay, and the adding of an extra lane to the Panama Canal, which will allow new supercargo ships to get through, plus a whole new city, and new island communities resembling Dubai, and a new International airport at the growing beach resort area now 90 minutes away, and shopping malls, and you name it. Here’s the astounding part, this is all happening in a country with just three million people, less than many large cities in the U.S. Do you get a sense of the concentrated prosperity energy this creates in this relatively small town?

In one week, thanks to a big fan of Moneylove who has become a good friend over the past four years, Tony Busse, who divides his time between New York and Panama, but is planning to completely relocate here, I have met a number of the movers and shakers in this dynamic nation. This could only happen in a place this small where everyone of consequence knows everyone else of consequence. These are mostly expats from the U.S., Canada, and Britain, the three nations responsible for a lot of the major projects here. Even when Moneylove was a major bestseller in the U.S., I did not have this kind of access to this kind of power player energy. It’s mind boggling.

And even with all the projects and ideas and new people pouring into my life, I am operating at a new level of relaxed, stress-free but very alive and very prosperous consciousness. I was just remarking to Tony Busse, as we plan to visit his favorite Argentinean steakhouse and then to the Hard Rock resort to look into possible venues for my stand-up performances, that I suspect that sometime in 2013 we will both be involved in some exciting project we haven’t even thought of yet. This is a nation in major momentum and anything is possible. More to come for sure.


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