Park It!


Become More Aware Of Your Thoughts And Acts That Empower Negative Energy

This free blog is where I explore and audition my prosperity concepts, before expanding on them for my monthly audio series, or incorporating them into private coaching sessions and seminars and workshops, or even future books. The one i want to focus on in this post is likely to stir up some resistance in anyone reading it.

The simple truth is that we all have negative thoughts come into our heads, and we empower them by continuing to think or worry about them, followed by passing them on in the words we speak or write, and then having them influence our actions. To Think. To Speak. To Act. That’s the natural progression for both positive and negative thoughts, and it’s a powerful force. For myself, I use the metaphor of a high-powered luxury car heading forward at full speed. When that car is carrying a load of negative ideas, the idea is to Park It!

That’s right, Park It!  Let’s say a friend has just dumped some negative energy on you by telling you of some major problem in their lives or in the world. You listened, you provided a sounding board for that person–and if there is any way you can help, you may have decided to do so. But–and pay attention to this “But,” but you don’t have to keep driving that car until it crashes, perhaps becoming less a vehicle for your success momentum and more of an obstacle to it. Those are the two choices we have related to most things in life–they are either vehicles for our chosen path and forward movement, or they are an obstacle forcing us to take a costly and time-consuming detour.

A vehicle is defined as a means of transmission or passage, and also a carrier of information and communication. The first step we all need to take is to become aware when we do think or speak something negative. Say you just heard the Federal Reserve Board is going to raise interest rates, which could affect your business adversely.  What I now do when I realize I may be empowering this negative information vehicle by dwelling on it, is picture that luxury car with myself driving it. In my imagination, I visualize me parking the car on a huge anonymous parking lot. I choose another car carrying some of the positive aspects of my life and picture myself continuing my drive without transporting the negative event any further.

We never get rid of all the negative thoughts, happenings, or even actions in our lives. So we need to become aware of them, acknowledge them, then Park It! and move on.



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