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The Timing Is Exactly Right On This One

In comedy, politics, and entrepreneurship, it’s often said “timing is everything,” and that’s the truth. Of my six books before MoneyLove 3.0, five were ahead of their time. Books on similar subjects that were published several years later did much better. MoneyLove 1.0, the 1978 original, in terms of timing, was right on the money. People were ready to hear that there were techniques for using the mind that could increase someone’s income. The book sold over 2 million copies and I made a lot of money.

You’ve probably noticed that I have done several posts in recent weeks on the new live streaming video platform Periscope, owned by Twitter, and launched at the end of March.

Despite being in its infancy, it hit ten million users two weeks ago, and is probably close to 12 million today, as I predict it will hit 100 million by the end of the year, and one of its prime video performers, teachers, and experts, Mark Shaw, predicts 300 million not too long after that. So anyone getting aboard now  (which takes less than five minutes after going to will get you in on the ground floor of the next big online thing, which I think will eclipse some of today’s social media giants.  A lot of people seem intimidated by the idea of going on live TV where other people can view and make comments in real time. I had to be coaxed kicking and screaming a bit by my social media expert partner, Christina Makrides, as I did not want to encumber myself with what seemed like a whole new effort requiring a lot more work and as-yet-to-be-determined results. But I finally agreed to explore it, and when I found out how easy it was to use and to broadcast from my home, I agreed to do three live broadcasts a week.

Live On Periscope!I’ve just done my 8th “scope,” which you can watch the replay of HERE

I seem to have mastered the technical glitches that plagued my first few “scopes,” and now feel relaxed and comfortable talking to the whole world from my in-home office.

Now comes the interesting part. How does this lead to increasing my income, enhancing my prosperity? Mark Shaw says only an idiot would doubt that someone can make a shitload of money establishing themselves as a regular scoper, especially as he describes it, “when its in its first five minutes of existence.”  Mark asks the question, “How would you have liked to have been on Facebook or Twitter in their first five minutes, when they only had ten million users?” Imagine yourself well-established as a regular scoped when there’s a global audience of 100 million, and what that may change about building up your list or client/customer base.

I am pleased to be the first prosperity author/teacher/coach to do regular scopes. I just moved my scheduled times from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings to 12 noon New York time those same days each week. The first “nooner” yesterday almost doubled my audience. I had made the change so my many friends and fans overseas would not have to get up in the middle of the night to watch me live. Yes, there are replays on Periscope itself for 24 ours, and software known as automatically will upload your video for permanent archiving. Many scopers also upload to YouTube.

However, there are great advantages to watching your favorite scopers live in real time. It sort of reminds me of what I say about still not speaking much Spanish while living in Panama–I miss out on a lot of the nuance of a fantastic culture all around me.

What sets Periscope apart from any other shiny new thing that has shown up on the Internet, and why I think it will be a dominant force very soon, is its intimacy factor. Unlike other platforms, where you may have a lot of friends or followers, you actually get to interact with your viewers live in real time, responding to their live comments and questions.

And, already, communities are forming, like Mark Shaw’s #tagtribes, which you can find out more about at  It’s free and a new phenomenon on this and a few other communities being formed by Periscope users are actual in person meet-ups being scheduled. When’s the last time you came face-to-face with a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn contact?

I have often declared, but it hasn’t always sunk in, that one of the easiest ways to attract a lot more money into your life is to find something very valuable and very attractive that most people haven’t discovered yet. Periscope right now is the perfect model of that.  Go for it! Download the app, search me out at @jerrygillies and come say hello. Join the conversation, meet other like minds & let’s discuss attracting more prosperity into your life!

And if you want some tips on getting started doing your own scopes, I’ll be glad to share some of my mentors and resources.




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