Prosperity Equilibrium


Is Cash Really Worth Pursuing?

If I were asked for a quick one word answer, I would have to say, “Yes!” We live in a world where cash is the main medium of exchange, and life with restricted cash flow can become difficult in the extreme.

At the same time, a total dedication to building wealth, excluding all other human values and joys, is a pretty empty endeavor. It isn’t the pursuit of wealth or capitalism that is the evil force in this equation, but rather the imbalance that a devotion to accumulating wealth produces in many people. Obviously, multi-billionaire Warren Buffet has his head and values screwed on straight. For him and Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs and some others of immense wealth, there is a wisdom and balance in how they handle it. But these are exceptional people, and even a larger number of the wealthy haven’t had the training, education, or upbringing that gives them the tools to maintain their prosperity equilibrium.

I just came up with that term as I was writing this, and immediately decided it was the perfect title for this post. Equilibrium is described as the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced. Capitalism and entrepreneurship are what made our nation great, and are good forces for enriching and even ennobling. But not when they are tainted with greed, selfishness, pathological obsession, lack of human compassion and lack of any uplifting vision.

What set me off on this tangent in the first place was a question posted on a religious blog someone sent me:  “Can cash console you at 1:00AM?”  And my answer there, too, is an emphatic “Yes!” If I am feeling lonely, depressed, upset, or anxious at one o’clock in a dreary morning, having access to lots of discretionary funds can console me a lot. And I don’t have to even go the route of that poor emotionally disturbed creature, Charlie Sheen, and buy hookers and cocaine to do the job of making me feel better. If I have piles of cash put aside, I can invite a bunch of friends to visit me from all over the world, fly them in from London and Panama and South Africa and Hawaii and all across the United States–put all of us up in a beautiful resort and just visit and play together for several days or a week or two. Or I can fly myself to a poor village in a third world nation and dispense gifts that would mean something, like a good water system, a medical clinic, computers for all the children. I guarantee, either of these expensive ventures would take me out of myself and whatever real or imagined troubles or anxieties I had. But even simpler and smaller exchanges of money could do the job. I’m sure you can think of many ways you could use some extra money to console yourself at 1:00AM no matter what was happening. And even some that wouldn’t take cash.

A basic rule of human existence that we all learn in one form or another is that if you are having a good life, money can do things to make it even better–and if you are having a bad life, money alone can’t help. But it certainly can console us in many of life’s travails.

If I haven’t convinced you of my basic premise, then I will make you a special holiday offer. In this time of generous good cheer, I will be happy to receive any extra cash you want to send to me, and I will use it to console myself in very positive, enlightened, and highly pleasurable ways–and send you a full report of how I used your cash so you might learn what to do with it in the future.



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