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It Ain’t What You Do But The Way You Get Ready To Do It!

So I admit it–the title of this blog article was designed to be provocative and get your attention. But I think what I’m going to share with you now is an important concept that few prosperity teachers and other personal development trainers and coaches discuss. And that is that the client or student often is motivated to make positive changes in his or her attitude and direction just by virtue of the fact that they have a coaching session or course coming up. It’s the way our minds work–when they know they are going to have access to new information in a specific area, say prosperity, they prepare by often making transformative decisions before the session or class even begins. I’m not sure whether this is really a good analogy, but it does remind me of when my mother used to go through the house, sprucing things up, because a cleaning lady was arriving.

When The Student Is Ready,

The Answer May Show Up Before

The Teacher Even Arrives.

It’s a bit humbling to admit this, but I have found that coaching clients often come into a session having processed their options and looked at the questions they wanted to ask me, and already answered their own questions inside their own heads. This recently was apparent with a very smart client who was trying to decide which career path to choose, the one her head and father and some professional colleagues encouraged, or the one she intuitively felt was the right choice in terms of what she would most enjoy doing and would most help other people. Just a few minutes before calling me for our phone session, the final decision clicked into place for her. She would go with her heart, even though it might not be the prestigious choice society would most admire, or most reward financially. Though I suspect with the passion she brings to this new path, even more abundance will flow into her life.

So maybe the most important, significant, and valuable part of making a coaching appointment or enrolling in a course is the making of the appointment and the enrolling. It’s that decision that gets the mental/emotional/creative ball rolling. And the coach or teacher, if he or she is really good, will just help the client or student solidify their decision. guide them a bit, and affirm and acknowledge their brilliance in coming up with their own answers.

People unleash their inner core of brilliance and perception when they prepare, perhaps even unconsciously, for new input.

And what have you signed up for or enrolled in lately?



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