Prosperity Gains With Edwene Gaines


One Of The True Masters Of Prosperity

I first met Edwene Gaines some twenty-five years ago, and was immediately impressed with  her joyous fun-filled way of presenting prosperity truths in a spiritual context. She was (and is still) a hilarious speaker, charismatic and authentic–and one of those rare prosperity teachers I always try to find as mentors and role models who are more about feeding other people’s prosperity consciousness rather than seeking their own fame or wealth.

edwene gaines I’m looking forward to having an in-depth prosperity dialogue with the prosperity master and Unity minister in a few weeks for one of my monthly Moneylove Club audios. We were both featured in a video on Prosperity in the mid-1980s. I was approached by the producer and asked if I could suggest who else might be a good addition to the one hour presentation. I recommended my friend, Mark Victor Hansen, and Edwene.

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with her yesterday, when she conducted the service at Unity San Francisco and did an afternoon workshop as well. Since I was planning to share some of what she had to say with some close friends, I thought I might as well do so right here.

A Prosperity Pioneer

Long before, The Secret, and the current avalanche of material on the Law of Attraction, Edwene Gaines was talking about how attitude and consciousness affect one’s financial success. But she also always underscored that prosperity was about more than just money–that it was about good health, and good relationships, and doing creatively fulfilling work you loved, plus having all the money you could spend for what you really wanted. In other words, she and I have very aligned views on the subject. I like  what she said at the beginning of her talk:

When any of us puts our intention out there, and we make a 100% commitment to that intention, and we make every step a step of impeccability, a step of integrity–then somehow the universe opens up a way where before there was no way.

What Edwene teaches is the importance of intention coupled with practice to put that intention into action.

Every single one of us has everything it takes to begin today to live our lives at that level where they work all the time,  in every area–all it takes is a conscious intention.

Do you have any doubt that living by these universal principles would result in your life being better in every way possible?

And then Edwene Gaines said something strongly in character for her. Something that got a big laugh, but you could also almost hear the audience’s minds clicking into place as they realized how true and powerful her closing quote from an American icon actually was.  Think a bit on it yourself and see if you don’t agree:

I want to close with a teaching given to us by one of my favorite modern day mystics, Mario Andretti:  ‘If everything seems under control, you’re not going nearly fast enough.’

After my upcoming conversation with Edwene Gaines, in addition to the audio for our members, I’ll have some more quotes and ideas from her to share with my blog readers.



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