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Prosperity Parade – Abundant Fireworks Included


And here it comes, my first post on the brand new blogsite. There’s been a lot to celebrate this week, the launch of this site, the launch of my new e-book, The Moneylove Manifesto, which you can download free by clicking on that phrase on the BlogRoll on the right below or just click on the cover of the manifesto to the right. And my podcast interview with the amazing Barry Dunlop on Michael Dunlop’s website, which you can access by clicking on that site on the blogroll.  It’s cause for at least a modest parade, which I’ll get back to in a moment. But also, I think fireworks are an appropriate way to celebrate the multiple premieres.


I love this fireworks display you can manage to your own mood–it’s a great way to commemorate and celebrate any success. In The Moneylove Manifesto, one of the strategies I’ve talked about that worked for a lot of people who attended my workshops in the past is my Joyful and Triumphant Fund, where you use a hundred dollar bill to mark every impactful success, every specially joyful and triumphant event in your life. But I now like to add-on the personal fireworks display above.

And here’s a new thought for you to ponder–consider your financial success as a pyrotechnical event, a wonderful and beautiful and majestic fireworks display that will explode you into a new world of amazing prosperity, abundance, joy and satisfaction. Now prosperity teachers such as myself can set up the display, even light the fuse, but when it comes to having it go off without a hitch, without a fizzle, you have to be ready and willing to let it happen. Your participation in your own prosperity fireworks show is essential. And you must not let fear or doubt lead you to stomp out the fuse before it goes off.  And once it’s lit, that fuse is vulnerable. You can easily stomp it out with inaction, indifference, or indecision. Like the fireworks display you get by clicking on the link above, you are in charge of how it turns out.

And back to the other metaphor, the parade. Try this one on for size. Everytime you have a major success, a breakthrough, an “Aha” moment, imagine a parade to celebrate it. Who would you want to make sure is included in that parade?  Which friends and mentors and teachers and supporters have been so much a part of what led to this success, that they absolutely have to be in the first marching contingent, or maybe each one sitting up in a luxury convertible, waving to the throngs enjoying the parade. Who would you insist be there, and who would you, if you’re honest with yourself, leave out?  This can tell you a lot about where your support lies.

In the meantime, I’ll end this first post on my new blog  by wishing you many fantastic fireworks displays and prosperity parades in the future.



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