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The World’s First Live Prosperity Video on Periscope!

So, on Sunday, August 2, 2015, from the 15th floor of the Veneto Hotel and Casino in Panama City, Panama, I did my first live steaming video #ProsperScope. My debut on Periscope, which is looking very much like the next huge transformative thing online, was the start of a three-time-a-week live prosperity mini-seminar series. They are scheduled  at 12 noon New York time, 9am Pacific time. We originally were doing evening broadcasts, which I mention on the video replay, but I changed that mainly to accommodate many fans and friends in England and elsewhere.

Seeing as you may have missed the live broadcast, here is a replay. I plan to keep them all from five to fifteen minutes in length, and include great ideas and action steps, so that it resembles an ongoing home study course on achieving whatever you want. My intention is to give you ideas and action steps that you can put into immediate use to have a more prosperous      life. Though there will be replays available, tuning in live allows you to ask questions and get them answered directly by me in real time. Since I charge $1000 for a Skype coaching session, this is a pretty good free opportunity.


To watch the broadcasts, all you have to do is download the Periscope app onto your IOS or Android device and follow me @JerryGillies.  Once you do that, you will receive notifications when I’m LIVE. During the live show, you get to make comments, ask questions. This is wonderful as I can acknowledge you by name and respond live to any questions you all may have. It’s very easy to install and use Periscope, which is owned and operated by Twitter. I envision nothing less than a community of prosperity conscious creative people spanning the globe!

This is the ground floor, folks, perhaps the greatest ground floor in Internet history. I have long said that one route to great success is to discover the value of something that most people haven’t yet discovered the value of. This is true of this four-month-old phenomenon, which already has more than 10 million members, and which many of us are predicting will soon have 100 million. You too can be one of the first ‘early adopters’ if you would like to start doing “scopes” yourself.

All the information on how to use Periscope is available free from some of the top social media figures, many of whom have jumped over to Periscope from their former strongholds in other social media formats.  I suggest you search on Periscope, Twitter, or even YouTube for a few of the greatest scopers providing real value and fantastic ideas for using this new medium successfully. My favorites so far are Chris Ducker, Alex Pettitt, Mark Shaw, Kim Garst, and Zach Spuckler. Study the “scopes” of these five for a few weeks and it will be like having an MBA in Periscoping. And I’m sure I’ll be recommending more Periscope masters in the weeks to come.

A final thought on all this. Again, way back when I wrote the original MoneyLove (before the Internet) I talked about how computers were going to dehumanize and depersonalize our culture, and those predictions largely came true. Many people growing up in this era may have thousands of “friends” and “followers” but little real human interaction. Periscope, with its live interaction back and forth in real time is helping solve this problem. People are connecting faster and in more real ways, and I predict lots of live gatherings will happen of people with aligned interests. This is a game-changer indeed.

I look forward to meeting you all!






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