Put Me In, Coach, I’m Ready to Play


The Power and Potential of a Great Coach

The line of my title this week is of course a cliché from many old sports movies, and was even the chorus for a hit Grammy-winning song by John Fogerty:

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But in the 21st Century, a coach is about much more than training athletes or singers or actors. Today, many people use personal or prosperity or lifestyle coaches to motivate and guide them in their aspirations and goals.

I’ve always thought the best service any coach performs is to help someone recognize their own talents and how to go out in the world and play, using those talents to trumph over adversity and succeed in performing at peak levels with peak results.

This certainly has been my goal over the years with coaching clients. And perhaps what I bring to the dialogue with a client that is most important and effective is having seen so many people over 40 years in workshops and coaching sessions. I can now easily see what stands in the way of someone’s success, and suggest ways many other people have dealt with these issues. It’s why I have gotten great results and now charge a premium price for a one hour coaching session.

I am not actively marketing my coaching services, so that my clients now come from referrals, or inquiries from people who have already seen benefits in their lives from reading my books or listening to my audios, even just reading my over 200 blog posts or downloading my free ebook, The Moneylove Manifesto

Some coaching colleagues of mine, believe it or not, charge a lot more than I do. We attract people who are already developing their prosperity consciousness, and have no qualms about spending money to get significant results moving to the next level in their lives. Very few of my coaching clients, even those who have just one session, see less than a 10% increase in their income over the following year. Many see much more. Which is why the high fee is a bargain.

I should note here that I am not selling my own services as a coach in writing this post. I am not really interested in more clients, as I am totally immersed in my writing, doing my thrice weekly Periscope live videos and many more behind the scenes projects. In 2016, I may launch a series of online group coaching sessions, but no dates or details are ready to announce yet.

No, my intention is to underline the importance of coaching as a tool to take advantage of in your pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

One piece of advice I would offer is to not consider using any coach who does not come recommended by someone you know and trust. Luckily, many coaches offer sample videos or books or articles you can check out before hiring them, and I strongly suggest you do so.

Even a great coach may not be right for you if you’re not able to create a good connection. If you’re a baseball center fielder, you may not find a football coach your ideal choice. But do consider hiring a coach as we approach a new year, and new heights you can achieve.

And I hope you find yourself a coach who can put you in to play a much bigger and better game.



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