Putting It On Instead of Putting It Off


The Amazingly Easy and Powerful Back Burner

I talk about this strategy in my Moneylove Manifesto, and have elaborated on it a bit in Book 12 of Moneylove 3.0, which I titled Weapons of Mass Distraction.  The seven strategies I discuss in that segment are all powerful tools to either take your prosperity consciousness in a new direction, or free up some aspect of your life that may currently be stuck or not operating at its optimum.

We’ve all heard the term “back burner,” and understand it to mean an imaginary place where we store things we are not going to do or get to in the immediate future, but may still want to have as projects we focus on in the future.  What I suggest is that we make it a more conscious effort than that, and actually picture a huge stove with as many back burners as we need, but one big front burner, where our current passion, our current major creative project, our current intention is actively placed for immediate access.

One of the issues people have that may slow down their progress a bit (or even a lot) is guilt and discomfort over things we have put off, things we just keep delaying and never seem to have the time or energy to get to.  I suggest that one way to alleviate that cumbersome guilt is by picturing taking that particular delayed project and, (assuming we want to keep it on life support rather than kill it altogether) we put it on our Back Burner instead of continuously putting it off.

Putting it on instead of putting it off

It’s now bubbling away in a big pot on the back of that big stove, and easily available when we finish our current major project, or anytime we want to revisit it. When you use your powerful creative imagination to vividly picture this, it’s almost as if you feel your conscious mind breathe a big “Ahhhh” sigh of relief. You no longer have to feel bad about not getting to it, because you not only got to it but purposefully put it in its proper place in your life. On the Back Burner.

I’ll close with a question, and an important one:

What in your life right now do you need to stop putting off and instead start putting on your Back Burner?



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