Remember Your Power


We’ve All Been There

In this case, I mean “there” to signify that place of personal power and the ability to manifest, in “the zone,” where everything seems to be coming our way.

We’ve all been there because we all have the power of manifestation built into our DNA. Achieving prosperity and fulfilling our aspirations is born into each of us. We run into difficulty when we forget how easy it once was to go for and get what we wanted in life.

Distance creates disconnect. The further we move away from those past moments of triumph, the harder it is to have a clear vision of our own possibilities. And the harder it is to get into that natural flow toward success that is accessible to each of us.

Your task, if you choose to take it on, is to remember the good times. Think about three times in your life when it all came very easy and you achieved results beyond your dreams and aspirations. Remember your attitude and how it felt at that time, and the messages you gave yourself about your chances for a positive result. And your willingness to take a risk and make a decision even when the results were far from assured.

And ask yourself this simple question, “How can I recreate the circumstances that laid the foundation for a triumphant moment of prosperous accomplishment in my life?”



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