The Risk of Multitasking


Too Many Paths Can Spoil the Journey

One of the things that makes me a better writer today than I was yesterday is my increased ability to apply a single-minded focus to my top priority project.

Right now, that project is my writing a brand new book, Moneylove 3.0, that will bring my pioneering concepts on prosperity consciousness into the computer age, and share all the major new ideas, strategies, and action steps I’ve developed since the original 1978 Moneylove (which I am now calling Moneylove 1.0)

At the same time, my new Moneylove Team, comprised of Leo Quinn and Christina Makrides, is doing major work on creating a new image and operating system for all my marketing and business logistics.  While I want to have input on this, I must guard against the temptation to multitask, to try to juggle too many balls at the same time. Avoiding this trap is one of the main reasons I have given over these activities to my new partners.  I am a content producer and presenter.

To maintain my creative integrity, I will resist any temptation to dilute or distract my focus. On any given day, there are dozens of other interesting or even rewarding things I could be doing–but I won’t, because I feel an obligation to my audience as well as my writer’s soul to maintain laser-like focus until the manuscript is completed to my liking by the end of the year.



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