Putting Emotional Energy Into Affirmations

In over 35 years of using and teaching and writing about and recording about affirmations–one thing has become very clear to me:  Emotional Amplitude is the key to success. The more desire and passion and excitement you put into affirming what you want, the more you override the negative messages you have been receiving since childhood.

Does this mean you have to shout every affirmation at the top of your lungs? Of course not! But another truth about taking in information is that the more varied modalities used, the more impact on our subconscious minds. The most effective public speakers have learned that varied tone and volume are critical aspects of getting a message heard (not to mention keeping an audience awake).

I have often stated what brain researchers have affirmed over the years, that our subconscious minds are like little children, responding to the playful and energized presentation of new information.

Many of my audio listeners and coaching clients have reported finding my affirmation, “People love to give me money,” very powerful and effective. Sometimes I say this one ten times, or write it out ten times, and lately I have added shouting it ten times as part of this mix. Shouting can be exhausting, but it is also very hard to hear any contradictory or negative or bad messages while shouting good ones.

Anything worth saying to yourself or others is worth shouting, at least once in a while.



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