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It was just a single cassette tape I found in a box stored in a friend’s basement for twelve years.  It’s titled, Create Wealth While You’re Young Enough To Enjoy It and was produced for McGraw-Hill Audio in 1986. And in one of my favorite new guilty pleasures, I have to toot my own horn a bit. It’s fantastic, timeless, and with more prosperity strategies, ideas, and useable practices than most much longer prosperity programs out there today. I was stunned at how good it actually is. And thus, I decided it would be a great bonus to deliver free to my Moneylove Club members.

A few months ago, I bought an ION Tape 2 PC tape deck, designed to dub cassette tapes into digital form as MP3 files. When I told one friend I was going to do this and give it away to my subscribers, he sent me the following Ebay item:

Create Wealth While You’re Young Enough to Enjoy It
Jerry Gillies
Audio, 1986

$299.99Add to Buying Wizard

Wow! I thought it was a great audio, but I don’t know if I would have ever had the nerve to charge $299 for it. One of the many highlights of this tape is a list of ten basic rules I found fit most people who are happily successful–and that’s a term I want to start using more, “happily successful,” which I think says a lot more than just being successful. And though I elaborate on the ten rules on the audio, I think just listing the ten success attributes can be useful and hopefully inspiring to you.

Ten Super Prosperity Attributes

1. The Ability to Self-Enthuse. This is about the ability to stir up your own juices, to get yourself excited and enthusiastic. It could be called an automatic ignition system for success.

2. The Anticipation of Success. By not putting energy into negative expectations, you have that much more energy to put into your forward momentum.

3. Having a Broad and Long View. Very successful people have a greater perspective of all that’s going on. And they realize that this moment in time is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the moments to come.

4. A Childlike Sense of Wonder. The ability to plunge into things with the enthusiasm and curiosity of a child.

5. The Acknowledgement of Fear. Moving ahead, not without fear, but with the inner knowing based on experiences we’ve all had that:  action diminishes fear.

6. A Quick Recovery Time. Dealing quickly and directly with frustration, disappointment, anger, fear, pain, and sadness seems to create the kind of positive energy that moves someone into higher levels of achievement and consciousness.

7. The Desire to Serve. Happily successful people usually have a strong and passionate desire to serve others in some creative and positive way. They’ve come to realize that the more lives we can each touch, the more fulfilling our own lives.

8. Being Excited About New Human Contact. It stands to reason that you’re not going to have a strong incentive to serve people if you really don’t enjoy them.

9. The Ability to Learn, Absorb, and Be Inspired. Highly, happily successful people are constant learners, great absorbers, and are always finding new sources of inspiration.

10. The Enjoyment of Change. Successful people thrive on change and use it to increase their wealth. We are now in a period of dramatic change, and if you want to move through it triumphantly, you will become part of the process of change rather than resisting it.

I hope you found this list deserving of you learning, absorbing, and being inspired. For a fuller version, you can see if Ebay has any more copies (as of this writing, they are all out) of the cassette program at $299. Or you can get it free as a member of The Moneylove Club.



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