The Abstract Myth Known as Money


Most People Have Been Chasing Something That Just Isn’t There

I did something different in preparing for this post and asked for suggestions, ideas, or questions about prosperity from my Facebook friends. The one that inspired me to write this post came from:

Nancy Brook  I’ve been manifesting lots of great things but not cold hard cash.  I think it’s easy to work up excitement over the end result (car, trip, house) vs. the money. Would enjoy hearing your perspective.

Manifesting Your Dream Home MoneyLove Jerry GilliesSo, Nancy, here’s my perspective–what you are really saying is that it is easier to be excited about reality as compared to fantasy. A car, a trip, a house–these are all physical manifestations, while money doesn’t really exist other than in our imaginations and in our agreements that a certain amount can be exchanged for a piece of reality.  In the original MoneyLove, I stated that no one really wants a million dollars, but rather the feeling they imagine they will feel when they have a million dollars.

Money is really the middleman, and when activating our aspirations we would do better to go for that end result you mention–the freedom, the pleasure, the things we think money will provide.

A few years ago, I was offered a major position in a nonprofit corporation. It would have paid all my living expenses, including housing, a car, travel–plus about $30,000 a year. Not a lot of money, but what most attracted and excited me was the idea that I wouldn’t really need money with all my needs taken care of. The money was just a bit of icing on the cake. I had other creative things I wanted to do, and this position would have been pretty much all-consuming, so I turned it down. But it taught me a valuable lesson about money and what it really means.

I love what my friend and major contributor to MoneyLove 3.0, Rev. Maggy Whitehouse, says in my chapter, Building A Prosperous Spirit:

Money was invented by humanity and is a purely imaginary thing fueled by belief.

And isn’t that an entire seminar in a sentence?  It’s certainly useful to have a specific amount in mind that you think it will cost you to get something you really desire–but always remember the money is only a tool to get there, and it really doesn’t exist.



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